The older & wiser drivers.

Picture of smiling female senior woman driving

Perhaps you're a mature driver. Or, maybe someone close to you is. By 2026, one in every five Canadians will be over the age of 65.

Today's seniors are living longer and healthier lives. They're active, and they now have the time to take off and see the world. While age is not an indicator of driving skill, it can be a challenge. CAA wants to help mature drivers stay mobile longer. The information in this section can help.

CAA's policy on senior driving mobility.

CAA believes that rather than limiting the mobility of aging drivers, solutions must be found that meet the needs of all drivers. CAA supports strategies that include developing an ability-based licensing program, road improvements, and education for aging drivers and their family members to help recognize changing abilities and adapt driving practices appropriately.

Renewing your G driver’s licence at age 80.

Starting at age 80, Ontario drivers must complete a group education course and pass a vision test every two years. Some drivers may also be required to pass a road test. There are four main steps to follow when renewing your driver’s licence.


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