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The Benefits of Rust Control.

Your vehicle may look great now but if left unprotected, it will rust. Rust can shorten a vehicle's lifecycle, cause mechanical and electrical parts to fail and even affect vehicle safety. As a part of proper vehicle maintenance, the benefits of rust prevention include:

  • Higher Resale Value

    Rust-free vehicles sell quicker, for more money.

  • Longer Lifecycle

    Rust-free vehicles last longer mechanically and structurally.

  • Safer and More Appealing

    Rust can compromise structural integrity. In collisions, corroded parts can cause panels to collapse in ways not intended by the manufacturer. Plus, rust-free vehicles are more visually appealing.

  • Lower Repair Costs

    Rust-free vehicles have fewer maintenance issues. Repairs on electronic components are actually caused by corrosion. "Active" rust control products keep moving parts such as brake cables lubricated, which prevents the parts from seizing up.

  • Environmental Impact

    Rust-free vehicles and their metal components can be recycled, thereby reducing waste.

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