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The CAA Approved Auto Repair Services (AARS) program identifies auto repair facilities that meet stringent CAA standards for quality service at fair prices. Members also receive exclusive perks and benefits!

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CityFacility Type ▼Facility NameAddressPhone Number
AJAXAARS FacilityVanDusen Chevrolet Buick GMC425 Bayly Street West(905) 427-2500
AJAXAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Ajax195 WESTNEY RD S(905) 420-8163
ALLISTONAARS FacilityRipley's Auto Service29 King Street South(705) 434-1061
ALLISTONAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Alliston4896 CONCESSION 5 RD(705) 435-7182
ARTHURAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Arthur490 Eliza St(519) 848-3515
AURORAAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Aurora80 Dunning Ave(905) 503-1647
BANCROFTAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Bancroft234 Hasting North(613) 332-4100
BANCROFTAARS FacilityPappy Auto Sales and Service29157 Hwy 28 S.(613) 332-4272
BARRIEAARS FacilityPaul Sadlon Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac550 Bayfield Street(705) 726-1811
BARRIEAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Barrie10 CROSS ST(705) 739-5152
BELLEVILLEAARS FacilityAuto Master111 ADAM ST(613) 967-1141
BELLEVILLEAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Belleville115 North Front St(613) 962-4481
BOLTONAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Bolton60 HEALEY DR(905) 857-0997
BOWMANVILLEAARS FacilityCowan Buick GMC166 King Street East(888) 744-5718
BOWMANVILLEAARS FacilityGo Go Car Wash & Auto Centre153 KING ST E(905) 623-2615
BOWMANVILLEAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Bowmanville153 King St E(905) 623-2615
BRACEBRIDGEAARS FacilityThe Rocky Island Tire Co. Inc.1029 TAYLOR CRT(705) 645-8000
BRACEBRIDGEAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Bracebridge271 ECCLESTONE DR(705) 646-5755
BRAMPTONAARS FacilityBram City Transmission & Auto Service9 BEECH ST(905) 450-9393
BRAMPTONAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Brampton (Rutherford)65 Rutherford RD S(905) 450-0474
BRANTFORDAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Brantford168 Copernicus Blvd(519) 758-2635
BRANTFORDAARS FacilityDunsdon Auto Service435 West Street(519) 759-0635
BROCKVILLEAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Brockville801 Chelsea Street(613) 342-2800
BROWNSVILLEAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Brownsville163576 Brownsville Rd(519) 877-2258
BURLINGTONAARS FacilityCorporate Autoworks5195 HARVESTER RD(905) 333-9201
BURLINGTONAARS FacilityBurlington Auto Works4401 CORPORATE DR(905) 332-9966
BURLINGTONAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Burlington2499 Industrial ST(905) 634-5574
CALEDONAARS FacilityChoice Auto (Goodyear)13928 HURONTARIO ST(905) 838-3450
CAMBRIDGEAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Cambridge131 Sheldon Dr(519) 740-2584
CAMPBELLFORDAARS FacilityScott Drummond Chevrolet Buick GMC Corvette501 Grand Road(705) 653-2020
CHATHAMAARS FacilityArmstrong-Macko Automotive Ltd.77 LEESON DR(519) 354-3070
CHATHAMAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Chatham733 Park Ave W(519) 355-1146
COBOCONKAARS FacilityKawatha Garage Ltd.6602 Highway 35(705) 454-3962
COBOURGAARS FacilityMcCracken Auto Repair Inc.30 Veronica Street(905) 372-4800
COBOURGAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Cobourg461 William St(905) 372-8832
COLLINGWOODAARS FacilityCollingwood Auto Repair & Service28 Ronell Crescent(705) 445-2277
COLLINGWOODAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Collingwood260 First Street(705) 444-0525
CONCORDAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Concord245 Creditstone RD(905) 738-1220
DON MILLSAARS FacilityVictoria Park Automotive13-132 RAILSIDE RD(416) 444-7899
DRESDENAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Dresden136 ST GEORGE ST(519) 683-2011
DUNNVILLEAARS FacilityClarences Auto Service104 MUMBY RD(905) 774-7420
DUNNVILLEAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Dunnville104 MUMBY RD(905) 774-7420
ELLIOT LAKEAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Elliot Lake1D Timber RD(705) 461-9323
ELMIRAAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Elmira33 First St E(519) 669-3373
ELMWOODAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, ElmwoodRR1 14347 County Rd 10(519) 363-2300
ETOBICOKEAARS FacilityLouie Petrungaro Ltd.7 Kelfield St.(416) 248-9588
ETOBICOKEAARS FacilityCochrane Automotive73 CHAUNCEY AVE(416) 236-1703
ETOBICOKEAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Etobicoke1401 The Queensway(416) 503-0505
FLESHERTONAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Flesherton794678 East Back Line(519) 986-3834
GEORGETOWNAARS FacilityGeorgetown Quik Auto Repair354 GUELPH ST(905) 877-8220
GEORGETOWNAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Georgetown354 Guelph St(905) 877-8220
GLENBURNIEAARS FacilityCar Medics Auto Service (Glenburnie)1985 Perth Road(613) 546-6766
GODERICHAARS FacilityHuron Transmission and Automotive Repair35587 HURON RD(519) 524-2501
GODERICHAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Goderich35587 HURON RD. RR# 2 RD(519) 524-2501
GRAVENHURSTAARS FacilityNorthland Performance451 Bethune Drive North(705) 684-8010
GUELPHAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Guelph549 Massey Rd(519) 824-7770
HALIBURTONAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Haliburton280 INDUSTRIAL PARK RD(705) 457-1033
HAMILTONAARS FacilityQueenston Automotive282 Centennial Pkwy North(905) 297-3842
HAMILTONAARS FacilityLocke St Tire & Automotive Inc.87 LOCKE ST S(905) 522-8679
HAMILTONAARS FacilityHamilton Auto & Cooling1028 UPPER WELLINGTON ST(905) 388-3434
HAMILTONAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Hamilton (Ditton)50 Ditton Drive(905) 575-0577
HAMILTONAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Hamilton (Victoria St)366 Victoria AVE N(905) 525-0750
HENSALLAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Hensall78 London Road(519) 262-2832
HENSALLAARS FacilityHensall Automotive78 London Road(519) 262-2832
HUNTSVILLEAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Huntsville197 Main Street West, Unit 2(705) 789-9771
KINCARDINEAARS FacilityRowe Motors520 BROADWAY ST(519) 396-7575
KINGSTONAARS FacilityD & D Auto Services Ltd.1671 BATH RD(613) 389-6359
KINGSTONAARS FacilityKingston Transmission Services Inc.616 MCKAY ST(613) 384-1310
KINGSTONAARS FacilityCar Medics INC37 RIGNEY ST(613) 547-8473
KINGSTONAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Kingston (Montreal St)856 Montreal St(613) 549-7878
KITCHENERAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Kitchener228 Shoemaker Street(519) 893-5999
LEAMINGTONAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Leamington560 Hwy 77(519) 326-1853
LINDSAYAARS FacilityBoyer Chevrolet Lindsay15 Willowdale Court(705) 324-3533
LINDSAYAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Lindsay10 Willowdale Court(705) 324-8472
LONDONAARS FacilityDon-Mor Automotive1056 BRYDGES ST(519) 659-9301
LONDONAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, London (Midpark Cres)65 Midpark Cres(519) 685-0068
LONDONAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, London (Glasgow St)565 Glasgow St(519) 432-3337
MALTONAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Malton7195 Torbram Rd(905) 673-2525
MARKHAMAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Markham23 Laidlaw BLVD(905) 294-4202
MIDLANDAARS FacilityTom Smith Chevrolet Buick GMC824 King Street(705) 526-0193
MIDLANDAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Midland200 Balm Beach Road(705) 526-1327
MILDMAYAARS FacilityMildmay Automotive Service1411 Highway 9(519) 367-2645
MILTONAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Milton645 Steeles Ave E(905) 878-9273
MISSISSAUGAAARS FacilityLakeshore Auto Glass1019 LAKESHORE RD E(905) 278-2408
MISSISSAUGAAARS FacilityColalillo Automotive Services Ltd.626 BURNHAMTHORPE RD W(905) 273-6122
MISSISSAUGAAARS FacilityCarwin Service Centre644 LAKESHORE RD E(905) 274-4180
MISSISSAUGAAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Mississauga (Meyerside)1776 MEYERSIDE Dr(905) 670-4399
MISSISSAUGAAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Mississauga (Watline)345 WATLINE AVE(905) 848-5166
MISSISSAUGAAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Port Credit1019 Lakeshore Rd E(905) 278-2408
NAPANEEAARS FacilityMutch's Auto Glass41 COMMUNITY RD(613) 354-2116
NAPANEEAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Napanee41 COMMUNITY RD(613) 354-2116
NEWMARKETAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Newmarket1100A Davis DR(905) 898-6667
OAKVILLEAARS FacilitySils Complete Auto Care Centre1040 Winston Churchill Blvd(905) 823-2626
OAKVILLEAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Oakville1490 Speers Rd(905) 827-7878
ORANGEVILLEAARS FacilityMacMaster Buick GMC207171 HWY 9 East(866) 980-9413
ORANGEVILLEAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Orangeville22 Robb Blvd(519) 942-3591
ORILLIAAARS FacilityJim Wilson Chevrolet Buick GMC20 Mulcahy Court(888) 486-2963
ORILLIAAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Orillia4 Progress Dr(705) 327-1850
OSHAWAAARS FacilitySelect Auto Glass355 BLOOR ST W(905) 433-4223
OSHAWAAARS FacilityTomlin Knight Auto Service96 RUSSETT AVE(905) 432-2305
OSHAWAAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Oshawa120 RUSSETT AVE(905) 433-4105
OWEN SOUNDAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Owen Sound913 10TH ST W(519) 371-4420
PALMERSTONAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Palmerston450 MAIN ST W(519) 343-5300
PETERBOROUGHAARS FacilityAutocare Signature Tire899 Water Street(705) 745-3603
PETERBOROUGHAARS FacilityAutocare Signature Tire899 Water Street(705) 745-3603
PETERBOROUGHAARS FacilityMister Transmission, Peterborough829 LANSDOWNE ST W(705) 742-3811
PETERBOROUGHAARS FacilityClass "A" Automotive887 WEBBER AVE(705) 745-8699
PETERBOROUGHAARS FacilityPeterborough Transmission400 MCDONNEL ST(705) 743-6900
PETERBOROUGHAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Peterborough107 Aylmer St N(705) 876-1644
PICKERINGAARS FacilityBoyer Chevrolet Cadillac Buick GMC715 Kingston Road(905) 831-2693
PORT ELGINAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Port Elgin198 Concession road 10, po box 1360(519) 389-4151
PORT HOPEAARS FacilityQuantrill Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac265 Peter Street(888) 495-4937
PORT PERRYAARS FacilityGus Brown Buick GMC10 Vanedward Drive(905) 982-1616
PORT PERRYAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Port Perry162 REACH INDUSTRIAL PARK RD(905) 985-0439
RICHMOND HILLAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Richmond Hill167 Centre St E(905) 883-0223
RODNEYAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Rodney230 Furnival Rd(519) 785-2060
SARNIAAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Sarnia771 Campbell St(519) 336-9810
SAULT STE MARIEAARS FacilitySault Transmission68B SECOND LINE WEST(705) 942-4405
SAULT STE MARIEAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Sault Ste Marie218 INDUSTRIAL PARK CRES(705) 254-2964
SCARBOROUGHAARS FacilityCostas Mobile133 MIDWEST RD(416) 755-0550
SCARBOROUGHAARS FacilityHogan Chev Olds Ltd.5000 SHEPPARD AVE E(416) 291-3956
SCARBOROUGHAARS FacilityRoadsport Honda940 ELLESMERE RD(416) 291-9501
SCARBOROUGHAARS FacilityLucas Automotive6456 KINGSTON RD(416) 284-1998
SCARBOROUGHAARS FacilityToday's Automotive3400 SHEPPARD AVE E(416) 498-5568
SCARBOROUGHAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Scarborough (Sheppard)4900 Sheppard Ave E(416) 292-0610
SCARBOROUGHAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Scarborough (St. Clair)3590 St Clair Ave E(416) 264-3424
SCARBOROUGHAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Scarborough (Midwest)133 MIDWEST RD(416) 431-3693
SCHOMBERGAARS FacilityKrown Corporate Head Office35 MAGNUM DR(905) 939-8750
SIMCOEAARS FacilityRegional Auto Glass56 POND ST(519) 428-0980
SIMCOEAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Simcoe56 Pond St(519) 428-0980
ST THOMASAARS FacilityThe Auto Guys135 South Edgeware Rd(519) 631-7117
ST THOMASAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, St. Thomas37 Laing Blvd(519) 633-7879
STONEY CREEKAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Stoney Creek355 Grays RD(905) 573-3717
STRATFORDAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Stratford71 Jarvis St(519) 271-2322
STRATHROYAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Strathroy2919 EGREMONT DR(519) 247-3307
STREETSVILLEAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Streetsville100 Emby Dr(905) 821-0258
SUTTONAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Sutton5401 RAVENSHOE RD(905) 473-3191
THEDFORDAARS FacilityNorthville Auto Sales & Service8760 LAKESHORE RD(519) 243-3888
THEDFORDAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Thedford8760 Lakeshore Rd(519) 243-3888
THORNHILLAARS FacilityAcme Transmission50 Doncaster Ave; Unit #11(905) 763-1134
TILLSONBURGAARS FacilityM & J Tire Center327 SIMCOE ST(519) 842-3321
TILLSONBURGAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Tillsonburg327 Simcoe St(519) 842-3321
TORONTOAARS FacilityKen Shaw Lexus2336 St. Clair Ave. West(416) 766-0055
TORONTOAARS FacilityFreeway Auto Service79 RACINE RD(416) 740-5600
TORONTOAARS FacilityCocomile Service Centre995 PAPE AVE(416) 425-8220
TORONTOAARS FacilityKen Shaw Toyota2336 ST CLAIR AVE W(416) 766-1155
TORONTOAARS FacilityVince's Auto9 CONNIE ST(416) 235-0941
TORONTOAARS FacilityYork Mills Automotive Centre1881 LESLIE ST(416) 449-5222
TORONTOAARS FacilityRyding Auto Service1107 CASTLEFIELD AVE W(416) 787-6174
TORONTOAARS FacilityStellar Auto Service89 SUNRISE AVE(416) 424-1111
TORONTOAARS FacilityWestowne Mazda5511 DUNDAS ST W(416) 232-2011
TORONTOAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Downsview3693 Dufferin ST(416) 633-1993
TORONTOAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Rexdale330 REXDALE BLVD(416) 242-4200
TORONTOAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Toronto (Parliament)33 PARLIAMENT St(416) 368-2146
TORONTOAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Toronto (St. Clair W.)2628 St Clair Ave W(416) 766-2663
TORONTOAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Toronto (Laird Ave.)125a Laird Dr(416) 467-6600
TRENTONAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Trenton4 Carrying Place Rd(613) 392-0222
UXBRIDGEAARS FacilityWilliamsons GM Uxbridge259 Toronto Street South(866) 216-4322
WALLACEBURGAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Wallaceburg740 Gillard Street(519) 627-3777
WASAGA BEACHAARS FacilityAuto-Tech N'Tire1227 Mosley Street(705) 429-4488
WATERLOOAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Waterloo480 Conestogo Road(519) 746-3332
WATERLOOAARS FacilityPrecision Kaster Auto466 Phillip Street(519) 725-4951
WHITBYAARS FacilityAAMCO Transmissions and Total Car Care305 Hopkins Street(905) 666-4550
WHITBYAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Whitby317 Hopkins St(905) 665-6753
WINDSORAARS FacilityEvoy's Service Garage Ltd.3720 SEMINOLE ST(519) 945-7711
WINDSORAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Windsor3666 Walker Rd(519) 966-0422
WOODBRIDGEAARS FacilityDetailn Plasti180 Winges Road(416) 262-5280
WOODSTOCKAARS FacilityKrown Rust Control, Woodstock890 Dufferin St(519) 539-2525