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Driving Safely


In Canada alone, there are more than 18.5 million vehicles on the road. That averages more than one vehicle per person. Our roads are more congested than ever before. On top of the congestion, drivers tend to be more distracted these days with things like mobile phones and handheld devices. Being aware of your surroundings can help you drive more safely.

Seasonal Safe Driving

Safe driving behaviours don't happen by accident, they take practice! CAA has expert advice on how to form safe driving habits for our two extreme driving seasons: winter and summer.

Car Snow
Winter Driving Guide

Canadian winters are infamous for their frigid temperatures, abundant snowfall and poor driving conditions. Prepare yourself for the road ahead with these helpful driving tips.

Safe Spring and Summer Driving

Warmer weather brings more activity
to the streets and sidewalks including cars, bicycles, motorcycles, scooters and pedestrians.

Small adjustments can make driving safer

Driving safely with your infant, toddler or child

Baby in carseat

There are some very strict guidelines to follow when driving with babies and small children. Get the latest information on infant car seats, booster seats and the weight and height requirements that determine how your child should safely ride in a vehicle.

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Be prepared.
Be cautious. Be safe.

Stranded Driver

Get tips that can help keep you safe if you've been involved in a collision or if your vehicle breaks down.

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How road-worthy is your vehicle?

Book a CAA Vehicle Inspection before your car warranty expires, before heading off on a road trip and before purchasing a used vehicle.

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