Environmental Considerations


The good news is that technological developments are breaking new ground when it comes to producing cleaner vehicles. Some of the newest cars and SUVs on the road use hybrid technology or are powered by biofuel. In this section, you'll learn about the latest developments, as well as ways you can help the environment.

CAA ecochoice Calculator

Eco-choice calculator

What's the true cost — to your pocketbook AND the environment — of owning a new vehicle? The CAA ecochoice calculator helps answer that question by comparing any two vehicles you choose for price, fuel economy and environmental impact.

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Keeping our air clean


CAA Members know that climate change and poor air quality threaten human health, delicate ecosystems, the economy, and our way of life. The CAA Autogreen program was developed to provide tips and information to help reduce our impact on the environment.

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Emissions rules explained

Vehicles that have a combustion engine produce emissions. Why are emissions harmful and how does the Ontario Drive Clean program help the environment?

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Eco-driving Tips

Find out how you can change your driving habits and save fuel as well as cash.

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Find an Auto Repair Facility

AARS Locations

CAA can help you find a reliable garage that provides quality service at fair prices.

Fuel efficient vehicles save more than just gas

Hybrid Car

You have options! Today's technologies mean your next vehicle could be a lot greener.