How Does Speeding Affect Your Record?

Sound Familiar?
Car engine

What a day! Through a series of unforeseen circumstances, you're now running late for that important appointment. You get into your car, check the clock and realize just how far behind you are. “Not a problem,” you say to yourself. “I'll just hit the gas and get there as quick as possible.”

The plan goes well at first. You've got your pedal to the metal and your favourite song is blasting away in the background. Just then, your heart jumps - red lights are flashing in your rear-view mirror and you realize you've just been caught speeding. Suddenly, being late doesn't seem so important.

Just the facts

Let's start with the facts about speeding, though that's no easy task. Speeding is a surprisingly complex topic and, perhaps contrary to popular belief, most fatal accidents are not the result of speeding alone. However, speeding does remain a major cause of accidents - particularly serious ones.

A report originating in the United States from 2005 may be one of the most recent studies published on the topic of speeding. An analysis of the data revealed that, “in 2002, 13,713 fatalities - about a third of all fatalities that occurred in motor vehicle traffic crashes [in the United States] were related to speeding, in that at least one of the drivers involved in the crash was speeding.”¹

In Canada, a 2005 report cited that 24% of all fatalities that occurred in motor vehicle crashes were speeding-related. Though not the primary cause of traffic fatalities, this figure still represents a significant number of fatalities that could otherwise be avoided.

To combat this, the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) has developed a plan called “Road Safety Vision 2010” which is aimed at making Canada's roads the safest in the world². Although current data only charts progress made from 2002 to 2004, one third of the 30% overall national target had been achieved by the end of 2004.

¹ U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Technical Report released June 2005.
² Road Safety Vision 2010. 2005 Annual Report released by Transport Canada.