Central America and the Caribbean.

Mention the word ”Caribbean” and automatically reggae, sun and beaches come to mind. That would do the trick for most people, but for those seeking a little extra spice – you can dive in Curaçao at full moon, gaze at the stars in Antigua, swim with dolphins in the Bahamas, hike through a cloud forest in Puerto Rico or watch birds in Trinidad. “Yeah mon!”

Mention the word ”Caribbean” and automatically reggae, sun and beaches come to mind. But there’s a whole lot more and it’s all waiting for you.

Top Places to Visit.

There are places that leave an indelible mark on you and Central America and the Caribbean certainly will. They are different in many respects, yet similar in authenticity and beauty. At every turn, you’ll be in awe at what lays ahead of you and adventure will always beckon. Discover the magic that keeps bringing people back.

Photo 1 of 3: El Morro, San Juan, Puerto Rico

It’s been a stronghold for many years and now it’s an iconic landmark which serves as a reminder of its volatile past. The fort has a lot of history and fascinating stories – drop in and be wowed by the total experience, views included.

Photo 2 of 3: Colon Cemetery, Havana, Cuba

A cemetery is not a place where you would ordinarily visit, but this is one you would want to check out. It’s full of history, marble statues and opulence. It’s 22 blocks-long with an estimated 2 million people buried here. There are many stories living here.

Photo 3 of 3: Semuc Champey, Guatemala

Semuc Champey sounds like a French wine, but it isn’t. It’s a natural paradise in Guatemala where you can spend the day tubing, diving from waterfalls and swimming in the turquoise, blue pools. It’s a place to soak up the beauty while soaking up the fun.

Be Inspired.

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