Botswana is an oasis of African wildlife that lures thousands of globe-trotting tourists to its plentiful safaris and conservation areas. Impressive lagoons teem with wildlife, including an immensely diverse array of birds, elephants, giraffes and antelopes. Once one of the poorest nations on Earth, Botswana has boomed since the discovery of diamonds in the 1960s and features a vast expanse of tourist resorts, especially in the spectacular Okavango Delta region.

Botswana's riches make it easy to forget that a majority of the country is covered by desert. Though wildlife is extensive near the delta region, areas such as the Kalahari Desert Region are barren, home only to one of the world's last remaining ancient people, the Bushmen, who traverse the land in a nomadic lifestyle that becomes their ancestry. Botswana is a landlocked nation and is bordered by South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Botswana has a semi-arid climate and there is often little distinction between the winter and summer temperatures. The rainy season occurs in summer, which stretches from October to April. Tourists often travel to Botswana between April and October, when the average daytime temperature is 25°C and the wildlife is most prolific and easily found near the natural waterholes and dams.

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