Morocco is a nation so intrinsically beautiful and rich with heritage that, the moment you step foot on it, you feel as though you have been transported to another time and place. The landscapes vary from snow-laden slopes to pristine deserts. Home to Casablanca and the Western Sahara, Morocco offers luxury vacations and some of the most colourful shopping areas in the entire world.

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Gibraltar - Tangiers was an hour ferry ride across a very busy waterway and a new world. Different foods, different clothing and, certainly, different customs. After touring a major mosque an army of vendors besieged us. Post cards offered by one seller looked good. I decided to try my haggling skills which we were told was obligatory - never pay the starting price as it will always be inflated. Twelve dirhams seemed steep. My offer of 4d was rejected along with a story of his children needing new shoes and his ailing parents. His price dropped to 10d. The cards began looking more attractive - full colour photos of the mosque and city - so I rose to 5d and insisted that was final. As I walked away he followed with more stories meant to elicit pity - and a purchase. Finally I held out 6d which clinched the deal. Feeling pretty pleased with myself about getting the price down by half I went over to one of the many other vendors inquiring about post cards. The same cards were shown and I asked for the price. After giving me a line meant to elicit compassion - and a purchase - he announced his price: 6 dirhams!

Submitted by:
Robert F., Toronto