South Africa

South Africa

Exhilaration runs supreme with a journey to South Africa, the adventure capital of the African continent. Its striking beauty and rich culture will leave you yearning for more African drum and gumboot beats. With an envious climate and natural attractions as varied as they are beautiful, it is also a land of great extremes and contrasts.

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Kiboko Tour

Whatever our preconceived notions of South Africa may have been, these were forever altered following a recent Kiboko tour of that country. Never had we expected that the “Rainbow Nation” would embody such diverse and majestic landscapes. From Kruger Park's rugged savannah to the lush and mountainous Cape region, we were treated to one scenic delight after another. Her eastern coastline alone rivals Oregon's in beauty! Never had we dreamt we would see such a vast array of wildlife, including the ever-sought-after “Big Five”. It's one thing to see an elephant at the zoo, quite another to watch as a herd of elephants leisurely crosses the road in front of your vehicle. Never would we have anticipated the sumptuousness of our “three star” accommodations that, more often than not, were comparable to North America's four or even five star lodgings. And as impressed as we were with the food, so too were we amazed by the low cost of liquor ($2 Heineken anyone?) South Africa has come a long way since Apartheid's demise. As travel destinations go, she is a veritable hidden gem that will forever remain one of the most incredible and rewarding experiences of our lives.

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Maurice D., Lakefield