Tunisia is situated at the heart of the Mediterranean in North Africa and is one of the most diverse nations in the continent. From gorgeous Mediterranean beaches to the Sahara Desert, Tunisia's culture has been infused with a French flair. Ancient Roman history abounds, though it is the Tunisian cuisine that truly sets this country apart from its neighbours. With stunning mountain scenery, tropical sun and sand, archaeological treasures and friendly people, Tunisia is both luxurious and exciting for tourists.

Despite its relatively small size, Tunisia is geographically diverse, filled with tall mountains, rolling hills, flat plains, sandy beaches and expansive desert. Despite the vastness of its desert area, Tunisia is a surprisingly fertile land that includes six national parks. Tunisia is bordered by Algeria and Libya, though it is its border with the Mediterranean Sea that truly attracts tourists.

Tunisia is a land of constant sunshine and warm water. Temperatures peak during July and August, and travellers often shy away from the scorching heat during this time of year. Instead, tourists often visit between October and May, when temperatures range from 12°C to 28°C.

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