Indonesia offers something for all types of travellers. From the untouched wilderness and ecological diversity of Sumatra to the steaming volcanoes and astonishing historical monuments of Java, Indonesia is a sprawling nation of natural wonder. Paradise also comes to life in Bali, an island of elegant temples, stunning scenery, beautiful palm groves, world-renowned diving opportunities and massive resorts. Indonesia is also home to the world's largest lizard, the Komodo dragon.

The islands that comprise Indonesia form the largest archipelago in the world. Indonesia shares land borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Malaysia, though other nearby countries include Singapore, the Philippines, Australia and Thailand.

Indonesia is hot and humid all year round, though it is cooler inland than along the coastal regions. In Bali there are two distinct seasons - wet (November to March) and dry (April to October). The dry season has hotter temperatures, but the humidity levels are much higher during the rainy season. The height of the summer season also brings cool breezes to temper the hot weather. The average annual temperature is about 30°C.

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