Travel To California

Travel to California

Travel to California and enjoy one of the USA's most beautiful visitor destinations. Wine lovers will want to visit the vineyards of Sonoma and Napa to indulge in some of the finest collections of wines. For outdoorsy types, trips to California should include a visit to the High Sierra, which includes Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. On the border with Nevada, vacationers can play at the popular destination of Lake Tahoe or, around San Francisco Bay, guests can visit Silicon Valley, Oakland and, of course, the city of San Francisco. The Central Coast features many beach resorts including Big Sur, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara and Monterey. Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange County offer beaches, skiing and attractions such as Disneyland Resort. For families, a trip to the San Diego Zoo or Carlsbad provides numerous family fun opportunities. Trips to California are ones you'll remember for a lifetime.

California is a land of tremendous geographic diversity and includes over 1900 kilometres of coastline and two of the continent's most protected bays, San Francisco and San Diego. It is home to numerous rugged mountain ranges that run for hundreds of kilometres. At the heart of the state is the Central Valley, 800 kilometres long and over 90 kilometres wide. Once an inland extension of the Pacific Ocean, the Central Valley slowly filled with thousands of feet of sediments washed from the Sierra, creating the rich agricultural centre it is today.

In general, California summers are hot, winters are mild and humidity is low. Offshore breezes keep the coast areas (and cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego) cooler in summer and warmer in winter than those further inland. Temperatures in the summer can get well over 32°C and smog can become a problem, especially in the densely populated urban centres. Winter temperatures dip to lows of 12°C and rain is a possibility. San Francisco, a little further north, is a little cooler and breezier and there is regularly fog over the harbour until about midday. Generally the weather is warm and dry in all seasons, with 354 days of sunshine a year in this Golden State. Travel to California today!