Travel To Hawaii

Travel to Hawaii

Travel to Hawaii and experience a myriad of lovely sights, from city lights to breathtaking waterfalls and serene blue horizons. Each island is unique, offering something interesting and exciting for everyone of every age. Trips to Hawaii aren't complete unless travellers enjoy whale watching, ocean rafting, deep-sea fishing and helicopter tours. Learn about Hawaii's marvellous culture and history by visiting one of its many museums or learn to dance the hula! Treat your palate to Hawaii's delicious fare, influenced by creative chefs from all over the world, enhanced by the indigenous flavours of the Pacific rim.


Memorable holiday moments are often those that aren't planned, they are those unscripted, serendipitous moments that happen when you least expect them. A Christmas Day snorkel trip off the coast of Maui was in itself a wonderful adventure. We floated in the clear blue water and marvelled as brightly coloured fish darted in and out of the coral. We rode back to Lahina harbour, content with a lovely day spent on the water. A shout from the bow of the boat caught our attention. “Whales! 10 o'clock!”. I turned in time to see the grey mass of a humpback whale splash back into the sea. To the amazement of everyone onboard, the whale breached again, but this time, a tiny infant whale leapt from the water beside it. From its length of a mere 10 feet, our guide determined it could only be a few weeks old, a beautiful Christmas baby. We watched the spectacle of “breaching lessons” with mother and baby for over an hour. Talk about serendipity! Go ahead, plan that next holiday, but remember to leave time for some magic to happen. You never know when that serendipitous moment will make a great trip unforgettable.

Submitted by:
Paula H., Cobourg