Travel To New Hampshire

Travel to New Hampshire

Travel to New Hampshire and take in spectacular views and a wide range of activities and adventures, including hiking, biking, swimming, fishing and skiing. South New Hampshire and the Atlantic Coast have majestic beaches, including the well-known Hampton Beach area. For great mountain biking and skiing, be sure to visit the White Mountains in northern New Hampshire, including the famous Mount Washington, which boasts impressive views and a unique, coal-powered train ride up the slopes.

New Hampshire is sometimes referred to as the 'Mother of Rivers' and is also known as the 'Granite State', as five of the great streams of New England originated in its granite hills. The state is hilly and rocky, with many areas of dense forests. Trips to New Hampshire could also include a visit to the states of Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine and also the province of Quebec.

Those considering trips to New Hampshire should be aware of its continental climate with warm, humid summers, cold, wet winters, and uniform precipitation all year. The climate of the southeastern portion of the state is moderated somewhat by the Atlantic Ocean and the weather is a little milder and wetter as a result. Winters are cold and snowy throughout the state and are especially severe in the northern and mountainous areas. Average daytime highs are generally around 24°C - 28°C in July, with overnight lows from 13°C -15°C. January temperatures range from an average high of 1°C on the coast to overnight lows below -18°C in the far north and at high elevations. Travel to New Hampshire today!