Travel To New York

Travel to New York

Situated in the northeastern United States, the state of New York is home to diverse landscapes, cultures and cities. Travel to New York and enjoy the beauty of the Adirondack Mountains to the enormity of Niagara Falls. New York provides visitors with a wealth of outdoor activities, too! Of course, those who travel to New York can also experience world-class museums and the nightlife of New York City, which boasts an almost inexhaustible wealth of entertainment and attractions such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Broadway. Enjoy one of our many trips to New York and see one of the largest urban centres in the world. New York City is also the most populous city in the United States and is the centre of commerce and finance in eastern North America.

Eastern New York is dominated by the Great Appalachian Valley, which also includes the Hudson River flowing southward to the Atlantic Ocean. Travel to New York and visit the rugged Adirondack Mountains, with vast tracts of wilderness, which lie west of the valley. Most of the southern part of the state is on the Allegheny plateau, which rises from the southeast to the Catskill Mountains. The western section of the state is drained by the Genesee River flowing north into Lake Ontario, the Allegheny River flowing southwest to the Ohio River, and the rivers of the Susquehanna and Delaware systems, which flow southeast to the Atlantic Ocean.

The climate of New York State is of the humid continental variety, which prevails in the northeastern United States and southern Ontario. Trips to New York made in the summer brings pleasant warm daytime summer temperatures that usually range from 20 to 25°C. Wintertime brings cold temperatures and heavy snowfall, though this does provide for some of the best skiing, snowmobiling and other such winter activities in the eastern United States.