Travel To Pennsylvania

Travel to Pennsylvania

Travel to Pennsylvania and visit the birthplace of both the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution. Trips to Pennsylvania offer travellers everything from metropolitan life in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia to the wilderness of the Allegheny Plateau. Further diversity can be found in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, where Amish, Mennonite and Brethren communities live plain, pious lifestyles. Conversely, the metropolis of Pittsburgh is home to a wide variety of professional sports franchises, museums, historical centres and urban gardens - enough to satisfy the curiosity of many different types of travellers.

Much of Pennsylvania's landscape is defined by the rocky crags of the Allegheny, Appalachian, Endless and Pocono mountain ranges. These are famous for summer and winter resorts. Scattered amongst Pennsylvania's natural environment are attractions related to the once-lucrative coal mining industry as well as a number of covered bridges - some of the state's more revered attractions. Lake Erie also laps the shores of northwest Pennsylvania, offering aquatic and other wilderness attractions.

Those considering trips to Pennsylvania should be aware that its geography produces a variety of climates, from the humid continental zone in the south to the colder climate of the mountainous interior. Western areas of the state, particular cities near Lake Erie can receive over 250 centimetres of snowfall annually and the entire state receives plentiful rainfall throughout the year. Travel to Pennsylvania today!

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