Travel To Utah

Travel to Utah

Travel to Utah and enjoy a diverse range of natural landscapes, which were home to the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. The state itself is a recreational paradise, offering skiing in the north and hiking, rock climbing and breathtaking views at any of the large natural parks in the south. Utah is also rich in history, with a number of museums satisfying interests from railroads to dinosaurs to modern art.

Those considering trips to Utah should be aware of its natural diversity, which includes arid deserts, thriving forests, mountain valleys and large ski hills. Utah is bordered by Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming and, at a single point in the southeast, by New Mexico. Fairly large, Utah covers an area of 219,887 square kilometres and varies greatly in elevation from north to south and east to west.

Trips to Utah offer a convenient variation of weather. Often classified as semiarid, Utah's climate offers plenty of sunshine and low humidity. Snowfall is common in the non-desert areas of the state, especially in the Wasatch Mountains, which offer renowned skiing opportunities for tourists. Though winter temperatures average around -1°C, summers are much warmer, as the daily average hovers around 26°C. Travel to Utah today!