Travel To Vermont

Travel to Vermont

Trips to Vermont are perfect for the winter sports enthusiast, with over 40 alpine or cross-country skiing resorts. Whether you'd prefer to glide through picturesque villages or fly down massive slopes, Vermont offers more than its fair share of skiing opportunities. Despite the dominance of the skiing industry, Vermont offers so much more - beautiful trails come alive in autumn, the maple trees are tapped in the spring and the jazz festival fills the air with music in the summer. With so much to do year-round, Vermont is an exciting destination that's still fairly close to home.

Located in the New England region in the eastern US, Vermont covers almost 25,000 square kilometres in area. Travel to Vermont or any of its border states: New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York, as well as the province of Quebec in the north. Lake Champlain, the major lake in Vermont, is the sixth-largest body of fresh water in the United States.

Those considering trips to Vermont should be aware of its fluctuating climate. The northern region tends to experience the coldest winters in the state, with temperatures averaging about -9°C and heavy snowfall. Summer temperatures average around 21°C and certain areas of the state experience heavy rainfall during the summer months. Travel to Vermont today!