Although it is the smallest of the Baltic countries, Estonia is a perhaps the jewel of the region and it's no wonder Europe and the rest of the world are quickly discovering all that it has to offer. Visitors can expect to find both cultural and natural wonders aplenty. Medieval castles, cobbled streets, quaint country villages and seaside towns mix with stylish shopping, glittering nightlife and world-class restaurants...then there's the marshlands, verdant forests and incredible national parks. Estonia truly has what it takes to suit every interest and taste.

Estonia lies along the Baltic Sea, located just below Finland with Russia to the east and Latvia to the south. It is a low, flat country with a long coastline that includes over 1500 islands. The largest of these - Saaremaa and Hiiumaa - are very popular summer vacation spots. The highest point in Estonia is just 318 meters above sea level, and can be found in the hilly southeast. A country of incredible natural beauty, Estonia has more than 1400 lakes and almost 2 million hectares of forest in addition to its many rivers, meadows and pastureland.

The climate here is temperate, with warm summers and extreme winters. Summer high temperatures can reach up to 30°C and winter lows may dip down to -8°C. The northern latitude of Estonia means summer daylight hours stretch for up to 19 hours while the winter months may see only 6 hours of light each day. Precipitation tends to be limited to light summer rain showers and occasional winter snowfalls. While visiting can be magical any time of year, May to September will likely offer the most favourable weather.

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