One of the most visited countries in the world, France has everything that a traveller could ever want to see. From Paris, one of the most storied and beautiful cities in the world, to the gorgeous rolling hills of Burgundy, France boasts great beaches, lovely nature, incredible mountain scenery and more monuments than any other country in Europe. For the connoisseur, France has it all - good food, great wines and wonderful people that enjoy their lives.

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Experiencing France

My footprints are in every region of France. You don't visit France, rather you experience this European star. I have climbed the hill at Montmartre, watched the sunset on the Eiffel Tower, visited the masters at the Louvre, window-shopped les Champs-Elysse, paid silent tribute at Normandy beach and swam the warm azure waters of the Mediterranean. Recently I returned to France with the sole intention of visiting old friends, thinking I'd already experienced the best of France. We stayed in their newly acquired and renovated winter residence in the small village of Ciboure. This small village in the south of France is safely nestled into the Atlantic coastline, held captive by Spains Pyrenees Mountains. Nothing has captured my soul like the spectrum of painted shutters on whitewashed stucco, neatly tiled rooflines dotting the hillsides, and the rugged, sometimes angry, coast. There was an endless horizon of clouds kissing distant mountain peaks. The spirit du Pays basque spoke softly as I walked along the 14th century cobblestones, inviting me to stay. I left a part of my soul in Ciboure and like the endless waves lapping the shoreline, and fishing boats seeking safe harbour, someday I will return. Vive la France!

Submitted by:
Mary Lou G., Camlachie