Vibrant, quirky and rebellious, Lithuania is another of Europe's more uncharted destinations that promises to amaze and delight any and all who visit. Having won back its independence just over a decade ago, Lithuania is back with a vengeance. Colorful and diverse, it boasts beautiful baroque architecture, eccentric artistic communities, and a wealth of natural wonders. Cultural influences mingle pagan tradition with Catholic fervor creating a flavour found nowhere else in the Baltics or even the world.

Situated on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, Lithuania's borders have changed many times since 1918, but have been stable since the end of World War II. Today, its area is larger than that of Belgium, Denmark or even the Netherlands. It borders Latvia to the north, Belarus to the east, Poland to the south and Russia to the southwest.

Proximity to the sea gives Lithuania a variable climate. Areas near the water experience more maritime-type weather, while climate is more similar to continental Europe in inland areas. While rainfall is fairly frequent all year round, the coastal region sees more rainy days that those farther from the sea. Temperatures range from winter lows of -2°C to summer highs in the area of 18°C.

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