The Netherlands


The Netherlands (also known as Holland to many of its Dutch inhabitants) is a country that is small in size, but big in events, attractions and activities. From exciting exhibitions to invigorating cycle routes, deluxe hotel accommodations to wonderful flower shows, Netherlands is truly a unique and versatile European nation. Their waterways are famous throughout the world, as are the blooming flower fields, numerous windmills and wooden shoes.

The Netherlands is a remarkable country in the consistency of its geography, most of which consists of flat lands. Much of the country is at or below sea level and protected by the numerous dykes, with hilly landscapes only found in the southeastern tip of the country.

The Netherlands has a Maritime climate, with cool summers and mild winters. January temperatures average just 2°C, while the warmer summers give rise to temperatures averaging around 19°C. Skies are often cloudy, especially in winter months where fog often abounds and rainfall occurs frequently. As a result, the best time to visit is during the summer - if not just for the temperatures, then for the magnificent flowers that are in full bloom.

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