The Islands of the Bahamas present a departure from everyday life in a tropical paradise. Calm waters and cooling trade winds have rightfully earned The Bahamas an international reputation for sailing and water-based activities. Sun, sand and sea are merely perimeters of the Islands Of The Bahamas. At the core of the islands you'll find a big heart, open arms, and a way of living life that is both timeless and new.

The Bahamas is known as the country of 700 islands, only 23 of which are inhabited. It is an English-speaking country that consists of over 2,000 cays (pronounced “keys”) and hundreds of islands that form an archipelago. Located just 50 miles off the Florida coast, The Bahamas also boast an abundance of marine life (more than 5% of the Earth's reef mass exists there), offering divers a breathtaking view in the clearest waters in the world.

The climate of the Bahamas is subtropical to tropical, and is moderated significantly by the waters of the Gulf Stream, particularly in winter. However, the tropical, moderate climate is also dangerous in the summer and autumn months, when hurricanes pass near or through the islands. The rainy season extends from May to November, so travellers should plan their trips around the peak months between December and April. Generally speaking, the northern and western islands are cooler, while the southern islands can get very hot during the summer months.

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