A vacation in Barbados is an experience in the authentic Caribbean. It is a haven of warm, welcoming hospitality with a heartbeat unique to all the Caribbean. Barbados is both a solace for relaxation and a playground for travellers with active lifestyles. Whether you're planning a family holiday or sportsman's escape, romantic getaway or business trip, Barbados offers a diverse cross-section of things to do and wonders to enjoy.

Barbados is situated just east of the Caribbean Sea and is part of the Lesser Antilles island-chain. Its closest island neighbours are St. Vincent and St. Lucia to the west. To the south lies Trinidad and Tobago with which Barbados now shares a fixed official maritime boundary. Barbados's total land area is about 430 square kilometres, and is primarily low-lying, with some higher regions in the island's interior.

The weather is mostly sunny and fair in tropical Barbados, with an average of high daytime temperatures 24°C to 29°C. These hot conditions are tempered by the prevailing cool northeast trade winds. The dry season occurs from January to June, with the hurricane/rainy season running June to October. Due to its location, hurricanes usually miss Barbados, though the island experiences some spectacular tropical rainstorms instead.

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