Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers travellers an almost endless number of places to visit. Bask in the noonday sun at one of more than 50 beaches, visit some of the more than 150 parks, reserves and conservation areas or visit one of the most active volcanoes in the world!


Vacation Home in Costa Rica

Three years ago I rented my first vacation home near Jaco, Costa Rica. Daily beach walks, surfing, and shopping for dinner at the local market was wonderfully different from all-inclusives. One day a small 4-year-old girl knocked tearfully on my door saying that a baby alligator that was looking for an afternoon snack had cornered her cat. I'm no Crocodile Dundee, but I grabbed a broomstick and tried to pin the 18-inch gator against a tree to allow the cat to flee. Much to my surprise the gator’s Mom, a twelve-footer leaped out of the nearby bush and grabbed the broom from me. In an instant both the cat I myself made a break for it. Later that night another knock introduced me to more than 8 of my neighbours who brought food, wine, the cat, and laughed at my afternoon exploits. I still talk to Sophie and her family, and I am told that the locals still laugh at my adventure, but more than anything else, the sense of community I got to share has made me a passionate convert to vacation homes.

Submitted by:
Manny M., Toronto