Mexico presents a mix of modern and traditional identities. From desert landscapes and snow-capped volcanoes to ancient ruins and industrialized cities, Mexico truly does have something for everyone. Enjoy the solitude of deserted beaches and time-warped colonial towns or head to the bustling resort towns, where the parties never stop. And, if your interests lie in ancient architecture, scenic wilderness or diverse ecology and wildlife, straying from the beaten path is never hard to do.

Covering almost 2 million square kilometres, Mexico is the 14th largest country in the entire world and boasts a population of over 100 million people. Bordered by the United States in the north and Guatemala and Belize in the south, Mexico's eastern and western fronts lie directly on the water, providing a seemingly endless array of beaches and ocean view properties.

Mexico is divided into unique temperate and tropical zones by the Tropic of Cancer. Land north of this circle of latitude experiences cooler temperatures during the winter months, while fairly constant temperatures permeate the southern area year-round. Within this southern region are areas with elevations up to 1,000 meters that have yearly median temperatures between 24 and 28°C. Temperatures here remain high throughout the year, with only a 5°C difference between winter and summer median temperatures. Many parts of Mexico (particularly the north) have a dry climate with sporadic rainfall, while parts of the tropical lowlands in the south average more than 200 cm of annual precipitation.

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