Antarctica is a throwback to the last Ice Age on Earth - a pristine wilderness in the most remote region in the world. It is amidst this solitude that adventurous travellers will discover a landscape that lingers in the memory. With towering mountains, bulky glaciers and luminous, dreamlike icebergs, carved into curious shapes, Antarctica reminds those who visit it of the overwhelming power of nature. No two travellers will ever see the same icebergs forged in exactly the same form - such is the unfathomable and austere beauty of this massive continent.

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Antarctica Peninsula and Drake Passage

As part of his Bucket List, my husband was determined to travel to Antarctica and in February 2010 we took the trip of a lifetime. Those few who have been blessed to visit the end of the world often struggle to fully describe their experience and now having been there myself, words seem shallow, redundant.

Imagine a place which has been virtually undisturbed by man. Where due to its vastness, there is no reference for distance, size or height; there are no trees, no buildings. The light is constantly changing, casting strokes throughout the sky as if a great painter has applied a brush. The silence is completely broken only by the splash of a penguin, seal or whale. There is no fear of man as penguins walk right over your boots. Getting to the Antarctic Peninsula is an adventure all its own, especially crossing the infamous Drake Passage. Our journey was complete with a Beaufort 11 storm surging 40 knot winds and 15 metre waves. It sounds cliché, but no-one returns from the Antarctic the same. This unspoiled, extreme wilderness captures your soul and leaves you almost apathetic about travelling anywhere else.

Submitted by:
Alicia S., Stayner