Argentina is a country like no other in South America. Well-educated people contribute to an infrastructure that is highly developed, including a first-world highway system, economy and culture. Buenos Aires, the capital city, feels like a city transported straight from Europe with its majestic opera houses and plazas. In the west, the Andes mountains offer travellers great outdoor opportunities to hike, ski and much more. The far south offers lovers of nature and wildlife a wide assortment of adventure opportunities, while the northwestern corner of this dreamed land showcases the monumental Igassau Falls, deserts and steppes. Known to many as the Paris of the Americas, Argentina is like a miniature Europe, surrounded by all the nature South America has to offer.

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Buenos Aires

Argentina is a cosmopolitan country full of beautiful people, sites and incredible food. The capital, Buenos Aires, is a city that offers cutting-edge designer boutiques, fancy neighbourhoods (such as Recoleta and Puerto Madero) and wonderful parks and monuments (like the Obelisk). This trip was a treat to our senses. We saw an enchanting Tango presentation and let me tell you that this sensual dance is a perfect example of how passionate the Argentinians can be.

The explosion of flavours, perfumes, sounds and amazing sites turned this experience into an unforgettable trip. Make sure you don't leave without trying their dulce de leche (caramel-like spread or sauce), alfajores (delicious confection, especially the ones made by a store called Havanna), parrilla (wonderful barbecue) and Freddo ice-cream (one of the best I've ever had in my life).

Submitted by:
Paola C., Toronto