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Person putting car key in ignition

Before you drive:

  • Allow plenty of travel time

  • Review maps and directions

  • Turn off mobile devices

  • Stow and secure loose objects

  • Prepare children with everything they need

  • Secure pets properly

  • Pre-set the climate control and radio

  • Pre-program your route on GPS
Cars in busy traffic

While you're driving:

  • Allow phone calls to go to voicemail

  • Don’t text, surf the web or read emails

  • Avoid eating, drinking or smoking

  • Avoid grooming

  • Stop at a safe location to make phone calls

  • Keep two hands on the wheel for better control

  • Keep your eyes and mind on the road

  • Be aware of pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers

Types of distractions.

In-vehicle distractions could be:

  • Passengers and conversations
  • Unsecured pets in the car
  • Mobile devices
  • Listening to music too loudly
  • Locating addresses and setting GPS
  • Smoking while driving
  • Personal grooming
  • Eating and drinking
  • Adjusting vehicle controls

Out-of-vehicle distractions could be:

  • Collision sites and emergency vehicles
  • Other driver behaviour and actions
  • Advertising
  • Construction sites and road maintenance crews
  • Street noise
  • Scenery and wildlife

Put your phone down and focus on the road.

Studies show that dialing and texting carry the highest degree of risk of all cell phone-related activities with motorists who text being 23 times more likely to have a collision.