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Understanding car recalls.

You’ve seen it on the news, heard it on the radio and read about it in the newspaper – automotive manufacturers recall cars due to parts defects and vehicle safety issues. While this is not something new, it certainly is a problem and something that you should be aware of.

At CAA, we want to ensure your safety comes first and that you have all the necessary information to keep you safe.

If you are concerned that your vehicle has a recall or are worried about potential hazards, please visit Transport Canada to check your vehicle make and model.

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A vehicle recall happens when a motor vehicle manufacturer deems that certain makes or models have safety defects or malfunctions and do not adhere to the federal safety standards. Consumers who encounter such problems can report them to Transport Canada.

You will be notified about the defect(s) in your car through standard mail or, if you have an online account with your car dealer, it can be electronic. In many instances, drivers are instructed to contact their dealer to bring their vehicle in. It’s important your information is up to date with the manufacturer or dealer – this will ensure that you will be contacted if any problems should arise.

If you would like to obtain a customized report of your vehicle, visit CARPROOF® to receive a detailed report about your car’s accident history, unfixed safety recalls and more. CAA Members also receive a discount on the CARPROOF Vehicle History Report and earn CAA Dollars® on each purchase.*

This means that a vehicle was recalled for repairs but for whatever reason the repair was never done. If you have moved, never received any notices, disregarded notices or purchased a used car, you may not be aware you have a recall. You can check Transport Canada’s website or check with your dealer who can run your VIN number to see if your vehicle has an open recall. If by chance you do, they will be able to provide you with the necessary information on how to proceed.
No. Just take your vehicle to your authorized dealership and they will make any and all repairs related to the recall without charge. Be aware that any additional work the dealer may recommend is not mandatory and not covered.

If you have further concerns or questions about vehicle recalls, dealing with recalls in Canada or recall procedures, please call CAA’s Consumer and Technical Services (CATS) team at 1-866-464-6448 or email them at autoadvice@caasco.ca.