Roadside Services

CAA Bike Assist™.

As Ontarians make a shift towards a greener lifestyle and with more and more commuters using their bicycles as their main mode of transportation, we're introducing CAA Bike Assist, roadside assistance for your bicycle. If you run into a problem that cannot be fixed on the spot, CAA will transport you and your bicycle to wherever* you need to go. It's available as part of your membership 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Members will not have to pay extra to be eligible for Bike Assist as it will now be a new permanent benefit for existing Members!
Fixing a flat tire on bike

CAA Bike Assist FAQ.

Why are we offering Bike Assist?
Ontarians are making a shift towards a greener lifestyle and choosing products and services that are socially responsible. Many commuters already use their bicycle as their main mode of transportation. Bike Assist helps us develop a relationship with a new group of Members who are interested in CAA South Central Ontario (CAA SCO) for reasons not related to the automobile.
What will the service time be?
Service will be within 45 minutes unless specialized equipment is required, such as tandem bicycles.
Where is service provided?
Service is available anywhere in CAA SCO territory (note that this only applies to roads that are not off the grid).
Can I apply for a refund if someone else transports my bicycle?
We will not offer refunds unless we are contacted first and cannot provide the service.
Will drivers try to fix the bicycles?
The drivers will do their best to get the cyclist on the go but if a repair cannot be made at the site of the breakdown the driver will tow the bicycle and transport the cyclist.
Do we unlock bicycles or cut securing devices?
No, as the ownership of the bicycle cannot be verified.
Is there an age limit of cyclists we can pick up?
Only Members and their Associates are permitted to be towed.
Will we service underage children?
Yes, but only if a parent/guardian is with the child.
Will we tow tricycles made for adults?
Yes; however, they may require specialized equipment.Therefore, longer service times may occur.
Do we cover motorized bicycles?
Yes, provided they are conventional bicycles with standard pedals and chain and mounted with an external electric geared motor. Motorcycles, electric scooters and mopeds are covered under Plus and Premier Memberships only.