Free to ride. Free from worry.

Don’t let a bump in the road ruin your next ride. CAA’s 24/7 Roadside Assistance1 for motorcycles is here. We’re here to help you stay protected in any jam.

CAA covers more than just your car. We provide Motorcycle Assist with your CAA Plus or Premier Membership! If you get a flat, run out of gas or have a mishap on the road, our trained technicians will transport your motorcycle safely, securely and quickly.


  • As an avid motorcyclist for over 30 years, CAA's Motorcycle Assist gives me peace of mind whenever I go riding. Our specialized motorcycle towing and battery boost services ensure I never have to worry about being stuck on the side of the road.

    Kellee Irwin, VP Orion Insurance
  • Best experience was when my motorcycle died as I was just beginning my road trip to Alaska. CAA came to my rescue with a flatbed truck and transported my bike to my dealership where the issue was fixed. I was happily on my way again thanks to CAA!

    Robbie Donnelly, Toronto
  • My wife and I were riding our Honda Goldwing in the Niagara area when we experienced a flat tire. We sat on the side of the road until a Niagara Regional Police Officer stop to lend assistance. After a call to CAA, we discovered that we had forgotten to renew our membership. The lady on the phone took care of that problem and after a short wait, a pickup truck equipped with a trailer arrived, loaded the bike, strapped her down and drove us home. After arriving at home I attempted to give the driver a tip and he refused to accept. Without CAA, I don't know what I would have done.

    John Allan, Tillsonburg
  • After 24 years on a bright sunny day, "ole faithful" – as we refer to our 1992 Harley Davidson – made a couple of teeth chattering, grinding sounds and then came to a halt on the side of the road. We were fortunate to have a CAA Membership. We placed one call, they came, loaded her up with care, drove 3 hours to her get to the bike shop and us home. Phil, our driver and caretaker, kept us in good humour for the entire time. Simply put, we and "ole faithful" were well taken care of and appreciate it very much so. Since this event, we have made sure we have spread the good word about the customer service experience we had from CAA, Lesperance Towing (Shelley), and of course Phil!

    Mary Jordan, Acton
Plus Membership card.

Plus Membership.

$116/ year

  • Four service calls (up to 200 km towing each)
  • Includes emergency roadside service for motorcycles
  • Member-exclusive savings at 124,000 participating locations.

Premier Membership.

$146/ year

  • Five service calls (four tows up to 200 km each; one tow up to 320 km)
  • Includes emergency roadside service for motorcycles
  • Member-exclusive savings at 124,000 participating locations


What type of truck will be sent and what procedures are in place to ensure my bike arrives safely?
We understand the importance of your motorcycle and will treat it as if it were our own. A flatbed or motorcycle truck will be dispatched to ensure your bike is safely and efficiently carried off the roadway. All drivers are highly trained professionals, and every precaution is taken when towing motorcycles, as they need to be secured to the flatbed or motorcycle truck.

Is the service time longer?
You and your bike’s safety is important to us. Service time is no different than our regular Roadside Assistance for cars.
Is Motorcycle Assist available everywhere?
Yes, we are able to service motorcycles in any location where CAA is available, 24/7, 365 days a year.
I lost my motorcycle key. Will CAA be able to help me?
CAA Locksmith Service is not available for motorcycles, however, CAA Members will be reimbursed for obtaining their own locksmith service. Up to $100 for Plus and Premier Members.
Can I have my motorcycle trailer towed?
Provided you hold a Plus RV Membership, this will be covered.
All I have is a flat. Will the driver change my tire?
CAA is unable to do any repairs, but will tow you to the closest dealer or motorcycle repair facility of your choice.
CAA has mobile Battery Service². Is it available for my motorcycle?
At this time, CAA only carries car batteries, however, will tow you to the closest dealer or motorcycle repair facility of your choice.