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CAA Members save at Shell

We're pleased to bring CAA Members great savings at the pump! Plus, enjoy even more benefits when you shop at participating Shell stations using your CAA Membership card (conditions apply).
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Save 3 cents per litre on fuel and more.

Maximize your savings at Shell with this CAA Member benefit! Save 3 cents per litre on fuel, 10% on car washes and 10% on in-store purchases, at participating stations.*


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Save 3¢ per litre on fuel


Save 10% on car washes

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Save 10% on in-store purchases

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Limited-time offer on Shell V-Power® premium fuel.

Save 5¢ per litre** on Shell V-Power® NiTRO+ from May 6–Aug. 31, 2024.

Now Shell V-Power NiTRO+ removes up to 100%1 of performance-robbing deposits to rejuvenate an engine’s performance. Use the only fuel trusted and recommended by Scuderia Ferrari.

Example of yearly savings
One full tank a week: 55 litres
Fuel savings: 3¢ per litre
Weeks per year: 52
Annual savings: That's $85.80 a year!

Watch your savings add up!

Over time, your regular weekly fuel purchases can equal big savings, so make sure to take advantage of this great way to save and fill up at Shell.

How to get this Member benefit.

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Swipe your CAA Membership card.

At the pump or in-store, just swipe your CAA Membership card to get instant savings at Shell.

Download the Shell app.

It's fast, easy and the most convenient way to save instantly with the Shell app. Load your CAA Membership card and payment details into Shell EasyPay™ in the Shell app once, to get savings on every trip. That’s it!
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Step 1: Download the Shell app

A screenshot of the Programs and Memberships section in the Shell app highlighting the CAA Member Benefit Program

Step 2: Add your CAA Membership number and payment details

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Step 3: Use Shell EasyPay™ to enter your pump number, confirm your payment method and then start fuelling

Conveniently and securely pay for your purchases with the Shell app.

Download the Shell app now.


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Find a Shell Station.

With Shell stations across the province, it's easy to find a pump where you can save on your next visit, just filter "CAA [Fuel, In-store, CarWash] Discount".

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Great savings at Shell are just some of the hundreds of perks and benefits that CAA Members get access to every day. Discover everything that a CAA Membership can offer you.


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the CAA/Shell program.
  • 3 cents per litre discount on all fuel grades purchased by a CAA Member for personal use
  • 10% discount on eligible convenience retail products purchased by a CAA Member for personal use
  • 10% discount on car washes (applied to the retail price for car wash types both with and without fuel purchases, as applicable) by a CAA Member for personal use
The offer is available at participating Shell-branded retail stations in Canada (excluding Quebec) starting March 1, 2022.
Yes, you can receive the CAA Member discount and earn Air Miles.
  • If you are paying at the pump, you will be prompted to insert your CAA Membership card and then your Air Miles card.
  • If you are paying through Shell EasyPay™ in the Shell app, you can load your CAA Membership number and Air Miles card number into the Shell app.
  • If you are paying in-store, you will need to show your CAA Membership card along with your Air Miles card to receive both offers.
No, the offer is available to all CAA Members. If you are paying at the pump, you will be prompted to insert your CAA Membership card prior to your payment card. If you are paying in-store, you will be asked to present your CAA card. If you are paying through Shell EasyPay™ in the Shell app, you will need to load your CAA Membership number into the Shell app once and you’ll never miss out on savings.
Download the Shell app and follow the steps to load your CAA Membership card number, your Air Miles card collector number if applicable and your preferred payment card.
  1. Open app while inside your vehicle
  2. Tap “Pay” to get started
  3. Enter your pump number
  4. Confirm your preferred pay method
  5. Start fuelling
Follow prompts on the pump to insert your valid CAA Membership card followed by your Air Miles card collector number, if applicable, and payment method. The first time you swipe your CAA card at Shell (at the pump), you will be asked to key in your postal code to validate your CAA Membership. To validate your CAA Membership, the first time, you must enter the same postal code associated with your CAA Membership.
  1. Tap “Shell EasyPay” from the home screen of the Shell app
  2. Tap “Pay Inside”
  3. Confirm your payment method and authorize payment
  4. Show the QR code to the Sales Associate and scan to pay for your purchase
Yes, just swipe your CAA Membership card at the pump when prompted or if using Shell EasyPay™ in the Shell app. The discount is automatically applied to the purchase.
  1. Offer applicable to valid CAA Members for personal use only
  2. Car wash and in-store retail offers available to valid CAA Members at participating Shell locations. Visit Shell’s station locator to find a station near you at www.shell.ca/stationlocator
  3. Additional exclusions include:
    • lottery tickets, games of chance, scratch tickets and all similar related items;
    • tobacco products of all kinds, including alternative nicotine delivery and vaping products and paraphernalia.
    • prescription drugs or similar health products which are restricted for sale or otherwise not available on an over-the-counter basis;
    • transit passes, tickets or similar prepaid transit fare products.
    • spirits, wine, beer and all other alcoholic beverages or similar products.
    • prepaid gift cards and stored value cards, including those of third-parties;
    • parking fees (including any that may normally be charged by specific locations);
    • fees charged to Shell customers for the use of vacuum and compressed air services.
    • products and or services offered by third parties that are located on or adjacent to Shell’s property or that of any Participating Shell-Branded Retail Stations (including those affiliated with Restaurant Brands International, Inc., such as “Tim Horton’s” locations);
    • all items offered by any Participating Shell-Branded Retail Stations that have not been purchased from or pursuant to contractual relationships with Shell or its Affiliates; and
    • any convenience retail or food product purchases from any Participating Shell-Branded Retail Stations that are delivered off premise to another location via UBER EATs, SKIP THE DISHES or any third-party food delivery services of a similar nature.
    • all printed materials or documents, including newspapers, magazines, books, maps, flyers, guides and all other written publications or documents; and
    • all items, goods, rights or services sold that are produced by, sold on behalf of, or otherwise obtained from any governments, regulatory bodies, governmental agencies or Crown corporations, including all postage and stamps, permits and licenses (including fishing, hunting, sporting or camping), and transportation tickets or fares (including ferries, bus or train).
  • Your CAA Membership card is required to receive the discount at the pump and in-store. Your CAA Membership number cannot be manually entered.
  • We recommend that you load your CAA Membership card into Shell EasyPay™ in the Shell app for automatic processing.
At this time, you cannot use your Shell gift card in the Shell app. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to add support for Shell gift cards with the Shell app in the future.
Yes, you can use a Shell gift card to pay in-store for your CAA Membership offer purchases.
You may contact CAA at membership@caasco.ca if you have any questions about the offer.
The offer is only available if you present your CAA card prior to payment. The discount cannot be provided after purchase.
The offer is available at all participating Shell locations in Ontario. For a complete list, please visit the Shell Station locator and select CAA Member offer. The Shell Station locator can be found at: www.shell.ca/stationlocator and select the "CAA Fuel Discount" and/or "CAA In-store Discount" filter under Service & Amenities "more".
Yes. The receipt you receive from the pump or in-store will show you the discount you received by being an CAA Member.

Yes. Download the free CAA Mobile App™ and follow the instructions to login.

The very first prompt at the pump will ask you to swipe your CAA card. If you swipe your Air Miles card first you will not be able to swipe your CAA card.
Yes, in addition to all fuel grades, diesel fuels purchased by each Member for personal use are eligible for the discount.
If a CAA Member becomes inactive by cancelling or lapsing on their CAA Membership, they need to re-upload the CAA card in the Shell app and re-validate their membership by re-entering the postal code on file.