Whether you’re spending an evening at the opera in Vienna, enjoying a relaxing gondola ride in Venice, hiking the scenic coastal trail in Cinque Terre or simply captivated by the flamenco dancers in Barcelona, you will certainly discover your “joie de vivre” in Europe.

Whether it’s the opera in Vienna, enjoying a relaxing gondola ride in Venice or hiking the scenic coastal trail in Cinque Terre, you will certainly discover your “joie de vivre” in Europe.

Top Places to Visit.

Europe is like a candy store — there is so much to choose from and so much to marvel at — you’ll be spoilt for choice. The hard part is deciding what you’ll spend your money on. Good luck with that!

Photo 1 of 3: The Grand Canal, Venice

A city built on water and cloaked in mystery, Venice is a place like no other. The Grand Canal, the waterway that functions as Venice’s main passage, takes visitors on an extravagant tour of Venetian architecture, while the many maze-like streets on the city’s periphery offer new discoveries with every visit.

Photo 2 of 3: Alhambra of Granada, Spain

Tucked away in the centre of southern Spain lies this marvel of Moorish architecture – a conduit to palatial luxury where visitors can walk paths lined with flora and fountains. While its walls and ceilings are intricately detailed, the Alhambra is perhaps most remarkable for the ways in which its interiors mingle with the outside world.

Photo 3 of 3: The Ring of Kerry, Ireland

The Ring of Kerry is a road, a route and a trail, but it’s no ordinary road. It’s steeped rich in history, in fact 10,000 years of it. By taking this scenic journey you will discover rugged and majestic landscapes, streams and the rough waters of the Atlantic Ocean, magical forests with wild animals and pubs filled with laughter and music. It’s a place you’ll fall in love with and always cherish.

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Europe is rich in beauty, culture and life — check out our blogs — they’ll inspire you to book your next vacation.

Cruising on the Rhône.

It’s 813 kilometres long, this means there is so much for you to enjoy along the way. From the gastronomical food and savouring local wines to soaking up the spectacular beauty, you will be in awe of what lays ahead of you.

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The Romance of Italy.

You fall in love again and again as Italy is beyond spectacular. The rolling Tuscan hills, the gorgeous Roman architecture and of course the old world charm – there’s simply nothing like the beauty of Italy.

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Planning Your European Vacation?

There’s nothing more exciting than planning a vacation, especially when you get the kids involved. Imaginations run wild and so does the planning. Here are 5 tips for planning the perfect European vacation with your kids and keeping calm at the same time.

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