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Why do I love being a Travel Consultant?

My job is fascinating. As a Travel Consultant, I am constantly learning about new places. I love travelling and learning about different cultures, histories and meeting the local people. It’s a privilege to share my knowledge with clients and help them book their dream holidays.

My top travel picks.

Take a look at some photos of my top travel picks. I love places with beautiful scenery, exciting culture and friendly people. It’s so great to share these experiences and I hope they inspire you to get out and explore the world. Let’s plan your next trip together.

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Azores Islands.


My favourite place to visit is the Azores Islands in Portugal. They are situated in the mid-Atlantic ocean, about 1,500 km from Lisbon, Portugal, and 3,900 km, from the east coast of North America. These nine Islands are unique and beautiful. The Azores are known for their hot springs, twin crater lakes, stunning scenery and friendly people. And don’t forget whale-watching and dolphin-sighting!

Insider tip: The best time to visit is from June to September when the weather is moderate.

British Columbia.


Western Canada is another place that I love to visit because of the beautiful scenery and surrounding natural landscape. I travelled on the Rocky Mountaineer, a private luxury rail line with a glass-domed top. The views were breathtaking and the food was excellent. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip that everyone should experience.

Insider tip: If you’re aboard the Mountaineer, just tune out and unplug. This is no time to be staring at devices. Enjoy the scenery instead.



Paris is one of my favourite cities to visit. Known for its incredible food, cutting-edge fashion and attractions like the Eiffel Tower, Paris is a city like no other. The Louvre Museum is amazing. Another favourite part is the Champs Elysee, with fashion boutiques, restaurants and unique shops. Paris is full of vibrant energy!

Insider tip: The restaurants near the biggest attractions are targeted at tourists and will be more expensive. Find out where the locals eat and eat there.