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Why do I love being a Travel Consultant?

I really love to travel and as a travel agent, I have the opportunity to experience every destination firsthand. I also enjoy sharing my experiences and knowledge with CAA Members. It’s very rewarding to hear from my clients about the wonderful vacations and adventures that I helped them plan.

My top travel picks.

I love the quote, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” So, here are a few pages from my travel book around North America and Ireland to inspire you for your next trip.

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New York.


One of my favorite spots for a quick getaway is New York City. There's a famous song, Autumn in New York, but I have been to NYC in every season, and it is always bustling and entertaining. There are just so many new things to see and do in one compact location.

Insider tip: Wear comfortable shoes. New York is a fantastic city for walking, with great street food, buskers and performers, storefronts and architecture to see. Take the time to wander around and experience it all up-close.

The Rocky Mountains, BC.


Every Canadian should visit the Rocky Mountains at least once in their lifetime. The epic landscapes simply have to be seen – descriptions don't do them justice. A trip through Banff, Vancouver and Calgary gives you a greater perspective of the rugged natural beauty right here in Canada.

Insider tip: Take the Rocky Mountaineer. This luxury train ride immerses you in the history and natural wonders of the Rockies. It's a fantastic experience for those who love nature.

Doolin, Clare.


Ireland is known to be a place of myth and legends. When you see it in person, it lives up to the stories. There are fascinating cities, beautiful landscapes and quaint towns to visit. I really love the culture, the great food and especially the warm and friendly people. You'll love it too!

Insider tip: Speaking of legends – you must visit the Cliffs of Moher while in Ireland. If you enjoy walking through dramatic landscapes, then hiking this rocky coast will be an experience that you'll never forget.