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Why do I love being a Travel Consultant?

I have always loved seeing and understanding the world. Geography is a passion of mine, but the best is when I can actually travel somewhere and then share my experiences with other people to get them excited about all the fantastic places there are to see. 

I've spent 19 years in the industry, travelling and helping clients make their own travel dreams come true. Contact me, or even better, come in and see me! Let’s get started on your destination bucket list.

My top travel picks.

Travel is my passion. I have been lucky enough to see much of the world. Take a look at a few of my favourite destinations. If you have any questions or need some help figuring out a great getaway for your next trip, please get in touch–I'd love to help!

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The Rocky Mountains.


The beauty of Canada's Rocky Mountains is staggering. From the moment you arrive in Vancouver, you can feel the true majesty and the grandeur that this country has to offer, even before you officially reach the actual Rockies. Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise are just some of the spots you're sure to love.

Insider tip: Take the Rocky Mountaineer train ride from Vancouver to Calgary. Scale the mountains and skirt high canyon ledges–all from the comfort of a luxury train car!

The Grand Canyon.

United States

The Grand Canyon is one of those rare destinations that cannot be overhyped. It does not disappoint. Stop at the Hoover Dam and experience this natural wonder - you'll feel it in your very soul.

Insider tip: Book a private tour or rent a convertible to take in the wonder of this spot at your own pace. You'll want to appreciate it without the potential pressure of keeping up with a group.

Dromoland, County Clare.


This country and its rolling green countryside are breathtaking. We visited the famous Blarney Stone. (I didn't kiss it, but I do have the gift of gab!) I was truly moved by the beauty of the famous windy Cliffs of Moher.

Insider tip: Spend the night at Dromoland Castle. Get to know the castle staff, they'll tell you the history of the castle and may even let you explore the grounds on a golf cart.