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Why do I love being a Travel Consultant?

I love being a consultant because I am passionate about discovering the history and archeological treasures of new destinations. I enjoy sharing my practical travel knowledge and experience with my clients to help get them excited about their trips.

My top travel picks.

Here are some photos from a few of my favourite destinations for their culture and history – and their extraordinary contrast between the modern and the historic. Hopefully they can inspire you in planning your next vacation. I'd love to help you arrange it!

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Athens is a magnificent blend of a modern European city that still has some of the most amazing examples of historic architecture and monuments from the ancient world. Among the most famous is the Acropolis, an iconic sight in the heart of city that you absolutely must see.

Insider tip: Be sure to visit the Agora of Athens, the central public square of the ancient Greeks. This site is the best preserved historic Greek marketplace still standing. Strolling through it feels like stepping into history.



With its amazing cuisine, bustling markets, unique architecture and long stretches of pristine beaches, Tel Aviv is an incredible destination that should make it on your bucket list.

Insider tip: Tel Aviv has bike rental service called Tel-O-Fun which offers 2,000 bicycles spread around the city. Daily, weekly and three-day subscriptions are available, so you can explore on two wheels at your own pace.



The great pyramids are one of the few ancient ruins that can be seen from space, but of course, they are even more spectacular up-close.

You will never forget a visit to these legendary sentinels of the ancient world still sitting on the edge of the Sahara Desert.

Insider tip: Something that many people overlook while in Cairo is visiting the Necropolis of Giza. This is where many of the favoured of the ancient Pharaohs were privileged to be entombed – close to their king.