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Why do I love being a Travel Consultant?

I love helping clients plan the trip of their lifetimes. I'm passionate about sharing my own experiences to help make people's travels safer and easier. It’s also great to hear feedback from clients' holidays too. It helps me keep up-to-date with destinations and learn about more great things to see and do.

My top travel picks.

Greece, Italy and the British Isles are some of my all-time favourite travel destinations. I just love the history, art and architecture of these regions. Check out these photos and see if they make you want to explore them first-hand. If so, I can help make it happen for you.

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There is so much interesting art, architecture, and fascinating history within all of Europe, but history buffs will particularly enjoy visiting Greece. From the Parthenon to the Acropolis and from Crete to Corfu, this country is filled with wonders of the ancient world and natural beauty too.

Insider tip: While in Athens, visit the Plaka in the early evening. Strolling through the oldest neighborhood in the city is a must. There are hundreds of quaint and colourful shops and plenty of places to stop for an ouzo and some friendly conversation.



Italy is another destination that is teeming with history, architecture and artifacts from antiquity. Along with bustling cities, picturesque towns and breathtaking landscapes, you'll find an abundance of Roman ruins, ancient churches and fascinating museums.

Insider tip: I always enjoy travelling on a cruise ship. Booking a Mediterranean cruise allows you to stop off at idyllic ports along the coastlines of Italy, Greece and more in a single vacation.

Windsor Castle.


I love castles. That is why England, Scotland, and Ireland are all among my favourite places to explore. You can share a pint in a pub that has operated for hundreds of years in the shadow of a castle that has stood for nearly a thousand.

Insider tip: While in England, you can take a tour of the largest occupied castle and the oldest official royal residence in all the world. It's Windsor Castle, just 32 kilometres from London.