How to report potholes

Reporting potholes is important because they can be a major road hazard.

For potholes located on local or regional roads, you will need to contact the municipality responsible for that road. For potholes located on provincial highways, you will need to contact the Ministry District Office for the Province of Ontario.

How to contact a municipality

Many municipalities across Ontario have 311 programs to access municipal service. Dial 311 to report a pothole if the service is offered in your municipality. If 311 is not available, contact the main switchboard at the municipal offices and you will be routed to the appropriate department.

How to contact the Province of Ontario

Potholes or other highway maintenance issues can be reported by contacting the Ministry of Transportation District Office in your region of the province. Please call 1-800-268-4MTO (4686) to be connected with the regional office in your area.

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