Eligibility and Disclaimers

Hand holding membership card

Roadside Service is provided when you present your valid membership card. (Other identification such as driver's license may also be required). A spouse or dependant living in your household is eligible for an Associate membership at a reduced price.

Remember your membership - including your eligibility for Roadside Service - applies only to you. It is not transferable, which means you cannot lend your membership card to someone else.

Eligibility: Your CAA membership covers you, not the vehicle

Eligible vehicles
  • Service will be provided to valid licensed, four-wheeled, motor-driven vehicles (cars, pickups, vans, campers and motor homes), if that service can be safely performed
  • Motorcycles with or without side cars (with Plus membership)
  • Dual wheel, unloaded pickup trucks are eligible for all services except tire service with Basic and Plus membership (tire service is only available with a Plus RV membership)
  • Rented passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles (excluding taxis and limousines)
  • Dual wheel licensed motorhomes, loaded dual wheel pickup trucks, campers, fifth-wheel trailers, and the following types of trailers: travel, unloaded horse, snowmobile, utility and boat (eligible for towing, extrication and tire service with the Plus RV membership; light service can be provided with Basic Membership)

Disclaimers: What your membership covers

Your membership covers all emergency services listed under Roadside Service Benefits. Service is available to the Member whose name appears on a valid membership card. To provide Roadside Service to individuals who live in the same household - even if they drive a Member's car - they must have a valid Associate membership card.

Roadside Service maximums

Primary and Associate Members who exceed four Roadside Service calls during a membership year may have their Roadside Service benefits suspended, at which time service can be provided at a preferred rate. You will be required to pay the contractor for each additional service call on a C.O.D. basis.

Severe weather conditions

Heavy service demands during severe weather may cause delays. In such circumstances, CAA reserves the right to limit towing to the nearest available place of safety. If your vehicle is already in a safe place, such as a private or public garage or driveway, CAA reserves the right to service the vehicle only after the heavy demand and/or weather condition has passed.

Service exclusions

CAA does not accept appointments for service calls, and membership does not cover the following:

  • Service to a vehicle already in a place of repair
  • Service to vehicles used in competition at races or drag races
  • Service to loaded or altered vehicles where the provision of the service cannot be performed safely and may jeopardize the load or damage the vehicle
  • Service to unattended vehicles unless pre-authorized by CAA
  • Delivery service-CAA does not provide you with taxi service however, at your request and with approval for any additional cost, CAA will arrange for you to be transported to or from the disabled vehicle
  • Accident towing, where the policy of an insurance company preempts CAA service
  • Towing service to a salvage yard
  • Police ordered service for a legal infraction or failed safety check
  • Services and costs associated with legal infractions or failed safety checks
  • Vehicles that are unlicensed/un-plated or have invalid plate stickers
  • Second or additional trips, or trips from one facility to another by service staff on one call
  • Service to vehicles driven into an area not normally travelled, such as open fields, beaches, private logging roads, river banks, floodway, muddy or “plowed in” or “snowbound” streets, filled driveways or alleys (service persons will not shovel snow), construction sites or other locations which cannot be reached safely
  • Reimbursement of expenses incurred as a result of a mechanical breakdown including lost wages, alternate transportation, accommodations, etc.
  • Service to school busses, cube vans, taxis, limousines, dump trucks or transport trucks
  • Unattended tow to a dealer for basic car maintenance
  • Basic Member service for a motorcycle
  • Refund on promotional card for non-CAA service
  • Non-member service
  • Battery “recharging” (charging is very different from boosting; a boost is a temporary measure and a charge is considered a repair involving labour charges)
  • Transporting an RV for winter storage or moving an RV within a trailer park
  • Cost of parts, labour or repair
  • Any charges relating to impound and storage fees (these costs are the responsibility of the Member)
  • Animal transportation to safety (Members must unload the animals for their safety before we can service a vehicle)

Service for motorcycles under Plus or Premier coverage will be delivered without cost in Canada. However, due to differences in service terms in the U.S., Members should expect to pay for service provided to motorcycles while travelling in the U.S, and may submit original receipts to CAA South Central Ontario for reimbursement.


As collision towing is a covered CAA Member service, additional fees at the scene of disablement or collision for waiting time, towing preparation and site clean-up, are not to be paid for by CAA Members.

Non-CAA contractor services

If you do not use a CAA Contractor, please follow these guidelines:

  • If you've followed the procedures outlined for Roadside Assistance, yet CAA service is NOT available, you can arrange for your own service, pay for it and submit the original receipt to CAA within 30 days. Reimbursement is based on your membership coverage type, along with the current commercial rate for the region where the vehicle was disabled. Download the Application for Emergency Road Service Refund (190 kb, .pdf)
  • If CAA service WAS available, but not used, reimbursement is based on the local contract station rate, along with your membership coverage type.
  • Where access to a CAA contractor is legally restricted (e.g., toll roads and limited-access highways), full reimbursement is provided for towing back to the service facility or the nearest exit.
  • Reimbursement is processed after submission of an original, official and itemized invoice for services rendered by a qualified, registered, auto service or towing facility. CAA Plus Members are reimbursed for CAA Plus services obtained at current commercial rates from the facility nearest the breakdown location.
  • Note: Cost of accommodation and incidental expenses (e.g., taxi fare) are not reimbursed unless breakdown is the result of an accident involving collision. See Trip Accident Assistance.
Service providers

A supply of gasoline will be delivered to your disabled vehicle to enable you to reach the nearest open service station. (Specific brands or octane cannot be promised.) Basic Members will be charged the current pump price for the gasoline. Plus Members will receive the gasoline at no charge.