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CAA MasterCard®* Update for Existing Cardholders

CAA MasterCards

On December 31, 2010 the CAA program with MBNA will come to an end. After this date, existing cardholders will no longer earn CAA Dollars® when using the MBNA issued CAA MasterCard.

In order to continue earning CAA Dollars, you need to apply for the new CAA MasterCard. To aid you in the transition, we've compiled a list of responses to common questions you may have. Of course, if you are an existing cardholder and have questions that are not answered below, please feel free to call us directly at 1-800-JOINCAA (564-6222).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens to my MBNA account if I don't apply for another card with MBNA, will they just cancel it?

A. It is difficult for us to anticipate what MBNA's actions to maintain your business will be. Therefore, we recommend you contact them directly to inquire about your options. We are certain, however, that MBNA's CAA Dollar program will end December 31, 2010 and you will stop earning CAA Dollars when their billing cycle is complete in early 2011. To continue to earn CAA Dollars, we recommend you apply for the new CAA MasterCard. We look forward to becoming your card provider and assisting you with your credit needs.

Q. I got a letter from MBNA saying that CAA is ending their relationship with MBNA. What does this mean for me?

A. On December 31st the CAA program with MBNA will come to an end. In order to continue earning CAA Dollars you need to apply for the new CAA MasterCard issued by Bridgewater Bank.

If you apply before December 31th, you will be entered into a contest with a grand prize of a trip for 4 to Italy. If you apply before December, you may be eligible for the Early-bird prize of a $100 MasterCard gift card.

Q. Why choose the new CAA MasterCard?

A. The new CAA MasterCard is the only card in the market that allows Members to earn valuable CAA dollars that can be redeemed at their club for great products or club services. These dollars are equvalent in value to real dollars, so for every CAA Dollar earned on your membership account, you can redeem $1.00 in rewards.

You will enjoy the same great benefits as the previous card issued by MBNA, but with improved insurance. Your new card also employs new technology that enhances security and customer protection, such as CHIP & PIN technology, and is equipped to be used at vendors that offer PayPass and SecureCode options.

There are three card options available in the CAA MasterCard program. All of them offer 90-day purchase protection and extended warranty as well as some peace of mind when travelling.

CAA Platinum MBNA MasterCard (for comparison) CAA Premium MasterCard CAA No Fee MasterCard CAA Low Rate MasterCard
Earn 1% CAA Dollars on all purchases.
  • Earn CAA Dollars quickly with every purchase
  • Earn 1.5% CAA dollars on all net purchases
  • Peace of mind with full coverage when travelling
  • $99 annual fee
  • Earn CAA Dollars with every purchase
  • Earn 1% CAA dollars on all net purchases
  • Basic protection when travelling
  • No annual fee
  • Earn CAA Dollars while enjoying a lower interest rate
  • Earn 0.5% CAA dollars on all net purchases
  • Basic protection when travelling
  • $29 annual fee

Q. How do I apply for a new CAA endorsed credit card? Will I automatically receive it if I carried the CAA MasterCard issued by MBNA?

A. How to apply:

  1. Online at
    This is the preferred method to apply. The site will provide them with an immediate response as to whether their credit card application is approved.
  2. Mail out package, which includes application and product information
    If Members have not received their direct mail package and would like a mail-in form, please forward Member number, name and address to Mark Ardern.
  3. Contact Bridgewater Bank directly
    Direct or transfer the Member to the Bridgewater Bank Customer Service Center is 1-888-612-4375

Unfortunately, Bridgewater cannot issue a new card without an application process because of legislation pertaining to anti-money laundering and credit card issuers. To continue earning CAA dollars with the new CAA MasterCard you need to reapply.

Q. When I apply online, why does the website ask for an invitation code?

A. The invitation code is an option that may be used for future promotions. You need to select 'No' to continue.

Q. What information do I need to complete the online application?

A. In order to complete the online application, you'll need to have the following information:

  • Current address and previous address (if at current address less than 2 years)
  • CAA membership number (all 16 digits - no hyphens)
  • Current rent/mortgage payment amount
  • Current annual income amount
  • Credit limit on current credit cards

Q. The online application reset? Why did I have to start over after I spent all that time completing it?

A. The online application has a 10 minute time-limit on the page for security purposes, so you may have exceeded the time-limit to complete the form. To make the application process quicker, make sure you have all the information on hand (see above) required.

Q. What is this TransUnion Tool, what is 'Know Your Customer' (KYC)?

A. New Canadian legislation for credit products was introduced to protect the customer which came into effect in September 2010. The TransUnion tool Bridgewater Bank uses to comply will help us validate that it is actually you applying for credit and not someone else in your name.

While applying online is the quickest way to receive a card, there are alternate ways to apply. Customers can choose to complete a paper application. Once approved, the member will receive a letter in the mail inviting him or her to choose one of three ways Bridgewater Bank can verify their identity. These are:

  1. Access the automated TransUnion identification tool at,
  2. Send a personal cheque in the amount of ONE DOLLAR ($1.00) Canadian; or
  3. Send a verified personal deposit account statement.

When members receive their first Bridgewater Bank MasterCard statement they will notice clarifying information on interest charges and minimum payment amounts - this is part of the new rules as well.

OPTION 1: Access our automated identification tool at

Please enter this web address on the address line of your web browser as shown. The identification tool will pose three or four multiple choice questions based on information contained in the credit report we have received. Please follow the instructions to submit your answers. After you have completed this step, we will confirm that you have been successfully identified. Your Bridgewater Bank MasterCard will then be mailed to you and you should receive it within seven to ten business days.

OPTION 2: Send a personal cheque in the amount of ONE DOLLAR ($1.00) Canadian

1. Write a personal cheque made payable to Bridgewater Bank CAA MasterCard in the amount of one dollar ($1.00) Canadian drawn on your account at a Canadian bank or financial institution. Please note that your name and address must be pre-printed on the cheque and must match the name and address provided on your application.

2. Mail a copy of this letter and your cheque to us using the enclosed prepaid preaddressed envelope. Please allow 14 days from the date your cheque was mailed to us for the cheque to clear your account. After your cheque has cleared your account, your Bridgewater Bank CAA MasterCard will be activated and $1.00 Canadian will be credited to your new MasterCard account. Your new MasterCard will be mailed to you and you should receive it within seven to ten days of your cheque clearing your account.

OPTION 3: Send a verified personal deposit account statement

Provide a high resolution photocopy of your personal deposit account statement showing the account history over the previous 30 days. Your deposit account statement must come from a Canadian bank or financial institution and must contain a bank stamp and signature from a bank representative.

Q. Why is CAA choosing a new credit card issuer?

A. CAA changed the issuer of its CAA MasterCard as part of its continual effort to provide the best value to our Members. We are excited about the new credit card products and benefits supported by a financial institution within the CAA family. This transition provides our Members with a home-grown solution for their credit card needs.

Q. Why do I have to re-apply? I've had this card for a number of years?

A. While the CAA rewards program is the same, CAA MasterCard has now partnered with a Canadian Bank called Bridgewater Bank. All information on your existing card is protected by privacy legislation (which is a good thing) and this is why the information and application is required.

Q. Who is Bridgewater Bank?

A. Bridgewater Bank is a Canadian chartered bank headquartered in Calgary, Alberta that offers financial products and services to Canadians from coast to coast. In business since 1997 and operating as a bank since 2006, Bridgewater Bank manages a portfolio of close to $3 billion in mortgages and over $400 million in GICs consisting of close to 16,000 mortgages and over 14,000 GIC accounts across Canada. Bridgewater Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Alberta Motor Association (AMA), which is part of the CAA family of clubs.

Q. Can I cancel my MBNA-issued CAA MasterCard if I still have a balance?

A. You will need to pay off your balance before cancelling your card. You may also transfer the balance to another credit card. The new CAA MasterCard provides balance transfer cheques for this purpose and offers a low interest rate at 1.99% on all transfers. Be advised that when you call MBNA to cancel your card, they may escalate you through several people to try and keep you as a customer. If you wish to cancel, stay firm to your request. It is your right as a customer to apply or cancel your credit card when you wish provided you are not carrying a balance.

Q. What will happen to the CAA Dollars I've already earned using my MBNA MasterCard?

A. All the CAA Dollars you've earned on your MBNA MasterCard will remain valid within your CAA membership and be subject to the terms and conditions of the CAA Dollars program. You will still be able to use the CAA Dollars you've already earned towards great rewards, but in order to continue earning CAA Dollars through a CAA credit card; you need to apply for the new CAA MasterCard issued by Bridgewater Bank.

To learn more about the CAA Dollars program, click here.

Q. Are there any geographical locations where my new CAA MasterCard will not work?

A. Your new CAA MasterCard should work everywhere you go; including Cuba where the previous MBNA-issued card did not work.

Q. Can I pay my CAA MasterCard at my local CAA store?

A. The CAA clubs are not equipped to process payments on your CAA MasterCard, however, there are many ways to pay your balance easily. Payments can be made at your bank, online account or by mail.

Q. Why am I seeing CAA Dollars credited to my account post December 31st?

A. The CAA MasterCard was originally set-up with CAA to be cycle based, meaning Members earn CAA Dollars on a monthly cycle and not on a month end basis. Because of the nature of the system, you may continue to earn the 1% in CAA Dollars into January on the old MBNA CAA credit card up to your billing cycle end date.

Q. Will I have to change the pre-authorized payments attached to my card?

A. There is a one-time requirement to change your payment information, but that would also be necessary if staying with MBNA and switching to another card. Attaching pre-authorized payments to your new CAA MasterCard is a great way to maximize the CAA Dollar rewards.

Q. How do I receive (or not receive) convenience cheques associated with my account?

A. CAA MasterCard holders can request personalized cheques through Credit Care, the online website for your MasterCard account. If approved, they will be ordered and arrive in quantities of three in their next statement.

If a customer wishes to NEVER receive cheques, they can either call the Customer Service Centre or submit a secure correspondence request online through Credit Care.

Q. Is there anything specific I need to know about changing a PIN?

A. Because of the CHIP and PIN technology and the enhanced security provided by this method, there are a few steps If you want to change your PIN, here's what to do:

  • Step 1 - Call 1-888-612-4375 and follow the instructions to change your PIN.
  • Step 2 - Your next purchase at a CHIP terminal will then require you to enter your new PIN as you normally would.
  • Step 3 - The system will say “Invalid PIN” but then you will be prompted to enter your new PIN a second time.
  • Step 4 - After your second PIN entry, the merchant will ask you to sign a regular credit card purchase receipt. Your PIN is now officially changed.