This Winter Be Ready with CAA by Your Side.

From sleet and snow to frigid temperatures, there are different weather elements to battle throughout the season. We’re here to help make winter easier.

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Brush up on your knowledge and discover new tips and tricks to help make winter a breeze.

Top 10 Emergency Items to Keep in Your Car.

You never know what can go wrong when you’re on the road, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. Here’s a list of 10 important things you should have in your car all season long in case of an emergency.

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Snowstorm Safety Tips.

When you drive during a snowstorm, there are more risks that could lead you to being involved in a collision. It’s important to remember safety is always the top priority when you’re behind the wheel.

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How to Apply for a Road Service Refund.

During extreme weather conditions, we try our best to help all of our Members. Priority is always given to Members stranded in high-risk situations, which means those in the safety of their home may be asked to wait. If waiting isn’t an option, you can find an alternate provider and get reimbursed.

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  • Roadside Assistance¹: If you have car trouble, make your request through the app and get the essential roadside services you need.
  • Service Tracker²: Get live updates on the status of your service call and track your driver on an interactive map.
  • Member Discounts: Get discounts at any of the 124,000 participating retail locations and services across North America to save on apparel, attraction tickets, hotel accommodations, dining and more.
  • TripTiks: Plan ahead and get the most out of your road trip with TripTik®.

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Stay Safe This Winter.

Check out our videos to help you battle Old Man Winter.

Video 1 of 4: Learn some helpful winter car hacks to use this season.

Video 2 of 4: Think your vehicle is ready for the winter season?

Video 3 of 4: Find out what you should always have in your car.

Video 4 of 4: Think you can get by this season without winter tires?