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CAA MyPace®.

Shift your auto insurance into low gear and save with CAA MyPace.

We’ve raised the savings threshold of CAA MyPace from 9,000 to 12,000 km/year, so now there’s even more reason to switch to the only auto insurance payment program in Canada for low-mileage drivers. With CAA MyPace, you get the freedom to pay only for the distance you drive.

Low-mileage driver? Switch to CAA MyPaceTM and save with pay-as-you-go insurance.

Take control.

You decide when you need to buy more. Use it as quickly or as slowly as you choose.

Reward yourself.

You have a drive-less lifestyle. Cost savings should be one of the rewards.

Save money.

You can reduce your insurance cost without changing your driving habits.

What’s my savings?

Use the slider to see what you could save with CAA MyPace based on the distance you drive.
If you drive 6,000 kilometres, you could save up to 25% with this payment program. Get a personalized insurance quote.

How it works.

CAA MyPace is a payment plan that provides the best way to control and manage your auto insurance premiums.

There are four easy steps to use CAA MyPace:

  1. Enroll in CAA MyPace and pay your base rate plus your first 1,000 kilometres.
  2. Install the CAA MyPace device in your car.
  3. Download the CAA MyPace App to your smartphone. You can monitor your usage at any time by logging in to your CAA Account online by clicking here and/or via the CAA MyPace mobile app.
  4. Drive. We’ll automatically reload your next 1,000 kilometres for you.

It’s that easy. And as always, you’re backed up by CAA’s reputation for great customer service.

Contact a licensed CAA Insurance Agent.

Ask questions or get help enrolling from Monday to Thursday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Get a quote online.

Help yourself any time of day or night. We’re happy to help.

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Still have questions?

The following ways can be used to enroll:

Contact an Insurance Agent at 1‑888‑307‑6509

Get a Quote here

CAA Store

You’ll receive a welcome package containing your CAA MyPace Auto Insurance policy along with a copy of the Terms and Conditions. In a separate package, you’ll receive your device along with simple installation instructions. The device should be easily plugged into your OBDII-port. You will need to install the device within 48 hours of the policy effective date, or from the date of arrival, to avoid being removed from the CAA MyPace program. For assistance you can call our technical support at 1‑844‑266‑6320.

Once you’ve installed the device and completed your first trip, you can log on to our CAA MyPace App or login to your online portal to begin viewing your kilometre usage. Don’t forget to download the CAA MyPace mobile application so you can track your mileage.

If you drive more than 12,000 kilometres, you may be better off with a traditional auto insurance policy. Please contact one of our licensed CAA Insurance Agents at 1-888-307-6509 to discuss what option would work best for you.
Not all makes and models are eligible to participate in the program as some vehicles are not compatible with the device. This includes but is not limited to electric vehicles, diesel vehicles with a model year 2005 and older, and all vehicles older than 1997. Some vehicles may be deemed incompatible due to unforeseen circumstances after enrolment in the program.

Yes, you can opt out at any time. If you purchased direct from CAA Insurance please contact an Insurance Agent at 1‑888‑307‑6509.

Currently, you can only have one vehicle per policy, but you can have multiple policies if you wish. You can have one for each vehicle and view them all on the same CAA MyPace App or online portal.
CAA MyPace is currently not available for motorcycles.

There is no additional cost for CAA MyPace. Premiums are based on traditional factors such as your driving record, years of driving and how far you drive. CAA MyPace is a way to manage how you pay your premium, leaving you in control. Pay for a portion of your premium related to the distance you drive, when you drive, which may result in a savings. You can see how much you might save by using our online savings tool located above.

CAA MyPace includes the same coverages as our traditional auto policy. If you have questions about these coverages, please speak with your licensed CAA Insurance Agent at 1‑888‑307‑6509.

No. You can stay up to date with your usage with our CAA MyPace online portal by logging in here. Notice is also sent to the email address you provide CAA Insurance to update you when it is time to replenish your kilometres.

You'll pay a base rate (non-kilometre) to cover you and your car while it's not being driven. You can choose to pay the full base rate amount up front or by monthly installments.

You'll also pay for your initial 1,000km increment when your policy is issued to get you going. Then you pay for each successive 1,000 km increment, as you drive it.

For more information, please refer to your CAA MyPace Terms & Conditions or contact your CAA Insurance Agent.

CAA MyPace will carry over the kilometres that you have not used in your current 1,000 km increment when you renew, so don’t worry if you need to reload near the end of your policy term. You just keep driving. When you have exhausted the kilometres carried over you will then be billed a new 1,000 km increment at the rate for your renewal term and the cycle begins again. CAA MyPace, billing you at your pace!

As with any insurance policy, if you change your vehicle just let us know immediately. After notifying us of the change, move your device to the new vehicle following the same installation instructions when you enrolled into the program. We will provide you with updated policy documents confirming the change and updated invoices, if there was a premium change. If your new vehicle is not compatible with the CAA MyPace program, please contact us and we will arrange to put you onto one of our other payment plans that works best for you.

There could be a premium change depending on the vehicle. An Agent can advise you of any changes in the premium as a result of the vehicle change.

Your device will light up briefly upon successful installation and when transmitting information while the vehicle is in use. To complete the installation, you must turn on your vehicle in a location where there is clear cellular reception or by completing a short trip so that it can communicate with the server. For example, if parked in an underground garage the installation will not be complete until you leave the parking garage. You should be able to see the trips registering on your CAA MyPace App or through the online portal, once you have taken at least one trip. If neither of these happen, please contact our technical support team at 1‑844‑266‑6320.

Similar to a cell phone or your satellite radio, the device can lose signal in areas with poor cellular reception, such as in an underground parking garage. If this happens, any data that hasn’t been uploaded will stay on the device until the next trip in an area with clear reception. Trip information prior to parking underground will not be available in the CAA MyPace App or online portal until the device has successfully completed the upload to our server.

In the event the vehicle remains in an area with low reception for an extended period, it may appear disconnected to our system and we will send out notifications to offer assistance and make sure something didn’t go wrong.

For technical support regarding your device or mobile application, please call 1‑844‑266‑6320.

You will be billed for kilometres in advance of using them. Notices will be sent when you have used 750 km, 900 km and 950 km. At 950 km you will be automatically charged for your next 1,000 km increment. 

If you wish to delay this charge until you use all 1,000 kilometres, the CAA MyPace team can do that for you, just call your CAA Insurance Agent at 1‑888‑307‑6509, prior to reaching the 950 km mark.

Monitor your kilometre usage easily by downloading the CAA MyPace App or accessing your account through the online portal.

The CAA MyPace billing amounts are broken down in the most recent invoice documents you received. The invoice provides the details of your base rate and the 1,000 km increment rate you can expect to pay for the year. Any changes made to the policy that affect the premium will include an updated invoice and payment breakdown. If you are paying for your base rate (non-kilometre) portion using a payment plan, the details of the withdrawal schedule will also be included on the invoice.

For more information, please refer to your CAA MyPace Terms & Conditions or contact a CAA Insurance Agent.

Rates are determined for each policy year and may be subject to change when you renew. Changes made during the policy year or at renewal that have an impact on your overall rate could impact the cost of both your base rate (non-kilometre) and your 1,000 km increments rate. Changes that may impact your rate include replacing your vehicle, adding or removing a driver, adding or removing additional coverage or moving to a new location.

When an automatic payment is processed at 950 km, it doesn't show on your usage dashboard until the previous remaining 50 km has been used. At that point the dashboard will be reset to show the new 1,000 km remaining on your policy.

If you wish to delay a payment from automatically being charged until you have exhausted 100% of your purchased kilometres, prior to using more than 950 km you must contact your CAA Insurance Agent at 1‑888‑307‑6509. Please note, as soon as you reach the 1,000 km threshold, you will automatically be charged for the next 1,000 km increment.

At this point we only allow for kilometres to be bought in blocks of 1,000.

The CAA MyPace payment program is currently designed to offer savings for low-mileage drivers and cannot be combined with our CAA Connect® telematics program which rewards good driving habits. However, we recommend you speak with your CAA Insurance Agent to discuss our other discounts such as winter tires and CAA membership discounts, if eligible.

CAA MyPace and CAA Connect cannot be combined. You may only select to be part of one program at a time per policy.

All traditional CAA Insurance auto policy discounts are available for the CAA MyPace program except for the CAA Connect discount. Underwriting and eligibility rules apply.

You can track the kilometres you've used in the CAA MyPace App or on the online portal. You will also receive email notifications to keep you up to date with your usage. Make sure to let us know if you change your email so we can keep you updated.

For full details on data use of the device please refer to the CAA MyPace Terms and Conditions, or contact your CAA Insurance Agent.

The CAA MyPace program uses the device to record and bill for kilometres used by the enrolled vehicle.

The device also collects the following additional information:

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • If the device is connected or disconnected
  • Time and date
  • Vehicle location (GPS)
  • Vehicle diagnostic information
  • Vehicle speed
  • Accelerometer data

The data is routed through our appointed Service Provider and stored at CAA Insurance Company. The information is processed securely and in compliance with CAA Insurance Company’s privacy policies by both CAA and its Service Provider. CAA Insurance Company will not disclose or transfer any of the data to other third parties except as outlined in the programs’ terms and conditions. For more details please contact your CAA Insurance Agent.

You can access your data on the secure online portal as well as the CAA MyPace App.

CAA Insurance Company will not use the data to cancel or refuse an automobile insurance policy; to apply surcharges to your current or future automobile policy or for marketing purposes.

The device uses an onboard GPS antenna and accelerometer to accurately measure the vehicle’s trip data. Data in the device is updated at the end of each trip. If you are parked underground or at a location without signal, this could take a little longer and the data may come through next time the device accesses a clear signal. For more information on the data collected and how it’s used, refer to the program Terms and Conditions, or contact your CAA Insurance Agent at 1-888-307-6509.

If you believe the data showing in your CAA MyPace App or online portal is incorrect or is unavailable, please contact our technical support team at 1‑844‑266‑6320.

The device must be plugged into the OBDII port throughout the policy period to be eligible to remain enrolled in the CAA MyPace payment program. However, the device can be removed if you are taking your vehicle in for service or emission testing. Once the vehicle is returned to your possession you must verify that the device was reinstalled properly. Frequent removal of the device may jeopardize your participation in the program.

When you first enroll in the CAA MyPace payment program, our system checks that your vehicle is compatible with our CAA MyPace device. The device does use a negligible amount of the vehicle’s battery to draw power, but will automatically enter sleep mode shortly after the ignition is turned off to prevent drainage. If you experience any other issues or will not be driving for an extended period, please contact our technical support team at 1‑844‑266‑6320.

Yes, it is mandatory to provide an email for enrollment into the CAA MyPace payment program so we can keep you notified of your usage and payments throughout the policy.

Tell us if your email address has changed. That way we can keep you informed on your usage and payments.

CAA Insurance will contact you if we are unable to process your payment. Please keep in mind that repeated payment delinquencies may result in the cancellation of your insurance policy. For more information, please review the CAA MyPace terms and conditions or please contact your CAA Insurance Agent at 1-888-307-6509.

1. Determine the type of smartphone you have. Select the App Store for an iPhone or Google Play for an Android phone. Your selection will take you directly to the CAA MyPace App download page. (You can also search by name, 'CAA MyPace', in either the App Store or Google Play on your smartphone).

2. Tap the "Get" button in the App Store or the "Install" button in Google Play to download.

3. Follow the instructions on the screen.

4. Once the download is complete, open the app.

5. On the app's landing page, you can either tap "Learn More" or "Get Started".

6. Tap "Get Started" to log into your account or to create an account if you don't have one.

7. Once logged in, you will be asked to add your insurance policy number if you haven't linked your account to CAA MyPace.

8. Key in the policy number.

9. You're ready to go!

After you log into the CAA MyPace App, you will see your Dashboard which provides you with an overview of kilometers driven, vehicle description, your recent trips and full trip histories. The menu on the top left provides you with links to view important notifications, payment history, your device alert(s), app settings and information about CAA MyPace.

Download the CAA MyPace App.

Put yourself in the driver’s seat. Track your usage, boost your savings and take control of when you pay.

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