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Fire damage

After your last romantic evening in, you closed the fireplace flue and then forgot to reopen it.


Smoke damage

You experienced a fire in your home and the smoke damaged your clothing, walls and favourite artwork.

Rain boots

Water damage

Your child flushed her rubber duckie, causing your toilet to overflow.

Cottage insurance also includes:

  • Damage caused by bears
  • Coverage when the cottage is rented to others
  • Special limits on watercraft (excluding jet skis and jet-propelled boats) up to $5,000
  • Up to $2,000,000 liability coverage
  • Deluxe Seasonal Package: extensive coverage and guaranteed replacement cost on the building and replacement cost on personal property. It also automatically includes coverage for burglary, theft and vandalism. 
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    For more information or to purchase cottage insurance call: 1-877-665-1222

    In order to better serve you, before you call for your cottage insurance quote, please have answers to the following questions ready:

    1. How old is the cottage?
    2. Where is the cottage located?
    3. What is the primary heating source?
    4. How many amps does it use?
    5. How old is the roof?
    6. What is the rebuilding cost?
    7. Is the cottage rented out to others?
    8. What is the construction of the cottage? (CAA Insurance does not insure log or fieldstone construction)
    9. What is the estimated value of the cottage contents?
    10. Is the cottage winterized? (Can it be used year-round and is it accessible by roads year-round)


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