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What is Home Liability Insurance?

Home Liability coverage is included with every CAA Home Insurance policy - coverage that protects you and your family should you be found legally responsible for unintentional injuries to other people or damage to their property.

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Why should I upgrade my liability coverage - isn't $1 million enough?

Maybe; if you are sued for injuries by another person in an accident that you are legally responsible for and the court orders you to pay $1.2 million to cover the plaintiff's losses, you will be personally responsible for paying the remaining $200,000 plus any interest owed on that. The financial burden that could result from such a settlement may have long-term effects on your family's financial security.

I thought settlements in Canada were much lower than the U.S.?

While we in Canada have been able to keep the lid on courts awarding large sums of money, this is not always the case in the United States and abroad. For example if you hit someone with an errant golf ball while in Florida, you could be sued for millions of dollars, depending on the circumstances.

With the rising cost of liability settlements in North America, CAA wants to ensure that you have enough coverage.

This upgrade offers greater peace of mind and more coverage on the things that matter most.

At CAA Insurance, we understand that having the right insurance coverage when the need arises is very important to you and your family. Get the right insurance from someone you trust.