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You want your trip to Canada to be worry-free, but accidents can happen. That’s why visitors should be prepared and purchase travel insurance for the duration of their stay.

With CAA’s Visitors to Canada Insurance, you’ll enjoy the peace-of-mind knowing you’re covered for medical services, hospitalizations, prescription drugs and more, should you experience an unforeseen accident or illness during your stay in Canada.

Visitors to Canada Insurance Plan.

Choose any coverage option from $25,000 to $150,000 with a minimum $50 deductible.

What's included?¹:

  • Emergency medical treatment for hospital accommodations, lab tests, X-rays, ground ambulance and prescription drugs

  • Emergency dental expenses and care

  • Family transportation and subsistence allowance

  • Medical repatriation


CAA’s Visitors to Canada Insurance may be purchased by individuals who meet the following criteria:
  • A visitor to Canada
  • The holder of a Canadian work visa or student visa
  • An immigrant to Canada
  • Canadian not covered by a government health insurance plan (GHIP)