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Why do I love being a Travel Consultant?

I love my clients. Meeting new people and helping them plan their trips and making their dreams come true are the best part of my work. I also enjoy getting to hear all about their experiences when they come back home.

My top travel picks.

My favourite travels include a little bit of everything, from touring Europe, to African safaris or cruising the Caribbean. Check out these photos of my trips, and then let's see if we can plan an adventure for you.

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Going on an African safari in Kenya was a life-changing experience for me. We saw amazing landscapes and wildlife. We also learned how new programs are using tourism to help locals improve their lives.

Insider tip: While Kenya is famous for safaris, you should also consider a trip to the coast which has beautiful, tranquil white sand beaches on the Indian Ocean.



Budapest is at the centre of Eastern and Western Europe, and it also feels like the spot where the Old World meets the New. It is a modern, dynamic city that is still full of history, culture and classic architecture. The mineral-rich hot springs just below the surface also make the thermal baths a popular draw to this city.

Insider tip: A great way to experience Budapest, and more cities and towns in the region, is with a river cruise along the Danube.



I don't know if there is anywhere on Earth with more history and romance than Venice in Italy. Visiting this stunning city, built on a lagoon and lined with a network of canals, is like stepping into history. History that comes with fine Italian cuisine and wines, of course!

Insider tip: If Venice is on your bucket list – and it should be – visit it soon. Rising sea levels and the toll of time are threatening the very existence of this wonderful city. See it before it's too late.