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Life is an exciting, ever-changing journey.
Be sure to protect what you’ve acquired along the way.

About CAA Distinct.

Enjoy tailored coverage with a world of options, all in one convenient place.

As the value of your home and assets increases, so does the need for comprehensive, specialized insurance. Perhaps your home has unique, custom features or high-quality furnishings. Or you may own a vacation property and a watercraft or snowmobile. CAA Distinct can ensure these assets remain protected.

Our dedicated agents have a wealth of knowledge and will work with you to understand your unique requirements. They will develop the coverage and limits you need, to protect your family and the Iifestyle you've come to love.


CAA Distinct offers financial stability and protection at competitive rates.

Tailored Coverage.

CAA Distinct offers coverage for your unique needs based on your lifestyle.

Flexible Limits.

Coverage limits are flexible to ensure you have the protection you need.

Full Replacement.

Covers the cost to rebuild your home and other structures on the property after a covered total loss – even if the cost exceeds your policy limit.

Claims Service.

Should the unforeseen happen, a dedicated claims team will be by your side to ensure the fast and fair resolution of your claim.

Personal Liability Coverage.

Settlements for serious injuries or property damage lawsuits can often exceed the limits of standard coverage. Use Umbrella Coverage to help safeguard your Iifestyle.

Forgive & Forget®.

In the event of your first at-fault accident, your driving record will not be affected.

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